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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] CSS (was Re: [FlexJS] Mobile Apps)
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2016 16:40:08 GMT

On 10/24/16, 9:17 AM, "carlos.rovira@gmail.com on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
<carlos.rovira@gmail.com on behalf of carlos.rovira@codeoscopic.com> wrote:

>Ok, I see,
>right now I'm using something like you say:
>while the base class selectors are asigned in AS3 MDL Button Code
>element.className = 'mdl-button mdl-js-button';
>In example's use I specialize, since there is 8 selectors, and seems to me
>many combinations to make classes, So:
><!-- Fab button -->
>                    <mdl:Button mdlEffect="mdl-button--fab
>                        <i class="material-icons">add</i>
>                    </mdl:Button>
>                    <!-- Fab with Ripple -->
>                    <mdl:Button mdlEffect="mdl-button--fab
>                        <i class="material-icons md-48">face</i>
>                    </mdl:Button>
>So you think this is the best we could get to simplify?

It is sort of up to you.  This is a good example about how MXML affects
pay-as-you-go code and usability.

Like I said, you really could have 8 different buttons.  Then the MXML
would be really easy to read:

  <mdl:FabButton />
  <mdl:FabAndRippleButton />

But it looks like you would rather create a new property called mdlEffect
and assign some classNames there.  And that's fine, but then you were
tempted to add comments about what each button was going to look like, and
the MXML wasn't as easy to read.  Folks would have to remember the names
of the MDL selectors, and not mis-type them.

So you could even create other boolean properties like "ripple" and "fab"
that under the covers would assign the classNames. Then the MXML would
look like:

  <mdl:Button fab="true" />
  <mdl:Button fab="true" ripple="true" />

Easier to read as well, but then you've baked in what fab and ripple does
and if some new version of MDL has some new 'effect' like 'awesome', you
have to update your component set to add a new property.  Folks can still
use the className property and you have to document the order in which
these properties and className will end up as the actually className in
HTML DOM, and that may not be as flexible as just having everyone put the
list in the order they want.  However, they can always fall back to using
none of the options and just setting className in the order they want.

You could also create beads for each of the flavors.  Then the MXML
becomes more verbose:

      <mdl:FabStyles />
      <mdl:FabStyles />
      <mdl:RippleStyles />

But then you can just release an "AwesomeStyle" bead later.

I don't think there is a "right" answer.  You can even offer all of the
above.  This another reason why FlexJS doesn't try to settle on one
default component set.  There can be multiple different implementations of
MDL components and folks will figure out for themselves which ones they
like to work with.


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