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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject [FALCONJX] Combining SWF and JS compilers (was Re: AW: [FalconJX][FlexJS] COMPJSC and Build order)
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2016 05:45:48 GMT
Fred Thomas did some work in this area about a year ago.  In the
flex-oem-compiler module that FB (and maybe other IDEs) use to talk to the
compiler, he added a FLEXJS_DUAL -js-output-type.  Not sure how well it

Thinking about this some more we'd have to have the same configuration
options available to both compilers which might be a bit strange.  Or
maybe we can convince the compilers to not complain about unknown config

We'd have to decide on how to reset the library-path for each compile.
The JS compile might use different SWCs than the SWF compile.

We'd have to select a few conditional compile options that would be
different for each compiler.  For example, COMPILE::SWF would be true for
SWF compiling and false for JS compiling and vice versa, and maybe finding
those params on the command-line would have no effect since they would be
dictated by the compiler.


On 10/2/16, 1:45 PM, "Josh Tynjala" <joshtynjala@gmail.com> wrote:

>That would be ideal!
>- Josh
>On Oct 1, 2016 10:47 PM, "Alex Harui" <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:
>> One more thought on this:  now that COMPJSC can more or less build its
>> output instead of relying on COMPC to package its pile of .js files, it
>> might be worth experimenting with combining Falcon and FalconJX so COMPC
>> can produce a SWC or a SWC with JS files based on some configuration
>> parameter.  Then there would only be one compiler that produces SWFs or
>> based on some -output-type flag.
>> Thoughts?
>> -Alex
>> On 10/1/16, 10:18 PM, "Alex Harui" <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:
>> >Hi Chris,
>> >
>> >When I read this, I realized I already pushed the changes when I pushed
>> >some other changes yesterday.  If the Maven build didn't blow up, it is
>> >probably because it is using its own compile-xx-config.xml files so is
>> >still generating a pile of .js files and packaging them up on the SWF
>> >COMPC run.
>> >
>> >-Alex
>> >
>> >On 10/1/16, 6:10 AM, "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de>
>> >
>> >>Hi Alex,
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>so I guess ideally this change should be done on a feature branch, so
>> >>can sort out the Maven issues and we'll merge that back as soon as
>>all is
>> >>working. I would like to ask you to create a
>> >>for that. Just give me a short note what branch the stuff is in and
>> >>try to sort out the Maven issues.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Chris
>> >

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