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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: AW: AW: Jenkins still red
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2016 16:42:53 GMT

On 10/4/16, 9:13 AM, "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:

>Hi Alex,
>I noticed how late it must have been at your end after sending my mail.
>So sorry for that.
>I guess I'm just totally frustrated, that I keep on cleaning up stuff,
>and as soon as it's done I have to start again.

IMO, your goal should be to teach the rest of us to fix this stuff
ourselves so you don't feel you have to start again.

>Well the pointers you will probably be needing is the components.xml file
>as this tells maven in which phase of the build which goal should be
>called. I guess changing the binding of
>from "process-sources" to "process-classes" will move the exection from
>before the compilation of the AS classes to after them.

In looking at components.xml, my first attempt would have been to move the
compile-js line to the <compile> section after the compile-as line.  Can
you see a problem with doing that?

>If you want to influence the output parameter, please have a look at the
>CompileJSMojo. Here the method "getOutput" is overwritten to return the
>directory, you will probably simply have to change what you return here.

It looks like the pom.xml files specify the output as well.  Can you
quickly answer if the pom.xml overrides the getOutput in CompileJSMojo?

I'll give it a try and see what happens.  Before I do that, I'm going to
push a "revert" of the pom.xml files.  I forgot I had changed them in
anticipation of changing the Maven compile order.  The Maven build
completed with -P build-examples locally.

Thanks for the pointers,

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