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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Current FlexJS license/notice issues
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2016 03:55:49 GMT

On 10/2/16, 6:09 PM, "Justin Mclean" <justin@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>The discussion on legal-discuss has died down [1] and this as I see it
>the consensus:
>1. Notify upstream and ask them to fix their issue.
>2. Only parts of the license that relate to what is actually bundled
>needs to be included.
>3. When missing retrospectively adding headers and copyright for a 3rd
>party file is recommended (but not required).
>4. Where copyright is not clear add a header but not the copyright line.
>So given the above are their any objections for me to:
>- Fix header and copyright for OpenFL
>- Fix header and copyright for CreateJS

Assuming "Fix header" means "notify upstream" and work with the third
party project until they are satisfied, feel free to do so, but I think
you are doing so as an individual, not as a representative of the ASF or
the Apache Flex PMC.

>- Add header but not copyright for FlatUI (see discussion below)

Add header to where?  I assume you are planning to contact designmodo as


>I’ll also ask upstream to fix any issues i.e. missing headers for OpenFL
>and missing license and copyright clarification for FlatUI.
>For FlatUI there are 14 contributors to the repo [2] one main one (who
>looks to be no longer involved) and 3 other significant ones. There’s no
>obvious connection between them and designmodo (that I could find) other
>than they contributed to this repo. The license was originally CC BY 3.0
>but changed to MIT in 2013 early in the projects history. [3] Their web
>site does claim copyright [4] but copyright is not stated on the github
>repo (even under the copyright and license section) [5]. So while it may
>be reasonable to assume designmodo are the copyright owners it's
>certainly possible that the other contributors have claims as well and it
>may be that all copyright holders did not give permission for their code
>to be relicensed.
>2. https://github.com/designmodo/Flat-UI/graphs/contributors
>3. https://github.com/designmodo/Flat-UI/issues/18
>4. http://designmodo.com/flat-free/
>5. https://github.com/designmodo/Flat-UI

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