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From Harbs <harbs.li...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] HTMLElementWrapper extending Sprite
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2016 22:40:23 GMT

On Aug 19, 2016, at 12:49 AM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:

> On 8/18/16, 2:15 PM, "Harbs" <harbs.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Like I mentioned in the other thread, it’s NOT just an author-time
>> problem.
>> Conflicts in variables and methods will cause Flash runtime errors and
>> override can often not be done properly.
> Are you saying the override would have an incompatible signature with the
> Flash API?  What are some examples that you ran into?  Especially ones
> where if the compiler warned you and recommended that you pick a new name
> that it would seriously harm usability.

I don’t remember off-hand which ones I ran into, but it definitely was an issue. I can try
to go through the code commits and see if I can find examples. We can’t hide the Flash APIs
and then require the client specifies compatible overrides. That defeats the whole point of
hiding the APIs.

>> The only runtime workaround I can see for that would be to automatically
>> rename the methods and properties, but that seem like a poor solution to
>> me.
> What are your reasons that be a poor solution?  Other than
> obj["propertyName"] being hard to detect and re-write.

Confusion while debugging comes to mind.

> Thanks,
> -Alex

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