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From Jason Taylor <ja...@dedoose.com>
Subject FlexJS and Dart?
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2016 01:14:59 GMT
Hey guys, for various reasons I'm leaning towards picking Dart over actionscript for future
projects, mostly because the dart language is advanced supporting async/await, generics, abstracts,
and much more.   However I think the team behind MXML, especially in FlexJS and the layout
framework are second to none.   I was contemplating bringing in FlexJS to dart via StageXL
(http://www.stagexl.org/) an implmentation of the core flash runtine in Dart, along with a
custom version of FlexJS that I would cross compile to Dart.    Has anyone considered this
path, and what are you're thoughts about this?   Personally I don't like some of the decisions
made in the FlexJS project regarding supporting flash runtimes as well as JS as it adds a
lot of crud to the FlexJS codebase and ties our hands limiting us specifically to the flash
runtime and avoiding some of the more multi-threaded oriented javascript developments.   
 Just want to gather some opinions before me and my team start tearing into this.   Some changes
I would make to the FlexJS framework will include using something like signals instead of
string events, heavily using multiple threads for layout & rendering.   
~ JT

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