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From Carlos Rovira <carlos.rov...@codeoscopic.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] with ReactJS
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2016 08:06:00 GMT
2016-06-03 22:13 GMT+02:00 Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com>:

> I'm interested in what Carlos and others would expect from FlexJS in order
> to be a "better way" of developing web apps.

I think FlexJS is getting lots of cool stuff that make it *potentially*
very flexible, but thinking as a user (or
someone that would love to see FlexJS as the main platform out there in the
next year), to be the main platform of
choice there should be a straight forward way to make a web app in FlexJS
that make super easy to develop with this technology
(that's the would point of drop JS y favor of MXML/AS3). Something in the
line the classic FlexSDK did in the past: You start with
and "s:Application" (that already care about SystemManager and lots of
under the hood things) and could make a screen or a form
amazingly fast setting up some components (those all with a full live
cycle) that integrate awesomely.

The last point was a key factor in Flex. You had all the pieces (but could
add more to the mix depending on your needs), popup manager, focus,
that doesn't happen in JS where there's lots of "scripts" out there that
are not thinked to work together in a consistent way. That was a great
benefit in Flex and should be
the same in FlexJS. But the main one to go is a complete set with a "life
cycle" components.

So, If I could dream, I would like to be able to set up a <xx:DropBox> with
tradicitional properties like labelField, or dataProvider, for example.
And the lifecycle of the component would have the selctedIndex and
selectedItem lifecycles integrated. I don't expect all the functionality in
but maybe the most needed. Something to set the main scenario and taking
into account that is a new technology with lots of new cool things
like strands and beads.

Regarding migration, I think is Utopic. It would be awesome, but having
some huge Flex products, I know migration is not possible (only for simple
or demo apps), but it's ok for me.
I know is new technology, if we want to be on the new web app we must
invest with a new technology, or we  will end doing the same mistakes and
moving forward.

I don't know if the way is to embrace the main JS tech of this days
(ReactJS? Angular2?...) and build upon, or make a new set from scratch, but
I think we should choose one path
and go for it, since many ways, will confuse people, and I think people
would come for a robust set working out-of-the-box in FlexJS.

I saw people months ago programing components in Dart to mimic the Flex
Spark set, since Polymer and Web Components are not ready yet, since they
find how cumbersome was
working with the sets already in place for Dart and for example, having to
the selection of a list for each component manualy...that's one of the main
pains of going the JS route without
a tech like FlexJS, not only the OOP classes, the compiler or the

If I would need to choose a tech right now for a new app that I need to
start tomorrow, I would choose ReactJS. We need to reach a point where most
of the people out there, when evaluate witch
tech to choose, and compare to popular JS libraries and frameworks, would
choose FlexJS since is the best in all facets, and right now the most
wanted (at least for me) is a robust, nice-looking
component set that mimics the great things we had in Flex (since we are in
Apache Flex!!)

I'm afraid that if FlexJS doesn't reach that point, and only is an
"enhancer" of other core technologies, people would choose the core reactJS
library, since is more direct way to develop.


Carlos Rovira
Director General
M: +34 607 22 60 05

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