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From Justin Mclean <justinmcl...@me.com>
Subject Re: Moonshine-IDE.com -- FlexJS, Flex, and ActionScript focused open source IDE -- contribution to Apache FlexJS ?
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2016 23:05:14 GMT
Hi Justin

Good to hear from you.

> Having said this, I am not sure it meets the code clearance requirements right now
> because it is NOT all our code.

The first steps would be to get the people working on the submit ICLAs [1] and the prepare
a software grant [2]. We can help you with that. 

There is an alternative path and that’s to apply to the incubator and become a separate

> : Originally found at http://code.google.com/p/moonshineproject/ <http://code.google.com/p/moonshineproject/>

It would be nice to ask the original owners (if they are still contactable) if they would
be OK with that, the Apache license allows it but it’s considered polite to ask.

> : Uses as3abc (LGPL), as3swf (MIT), fzip (ZLIB), asblocks (Apache 2),
> NativeApplicationUpdater (LGPL)

Apache (obviously), MIT and ZLIB as comparable with the Apache license. LGPL isn’t compatible,
how how would it be to get that software either relicensed or replaced?

Although it may be that NativeApplicationUpdater license has changed and it’s now Apache?

The code base would also need to undergo an IP review, you may want to do this yourself before
submitting a grant. (Or again we can help out here.)

> 1) Alex, do you see a value in having Moonshine IDE be contributed
> officially to Apache FlexJS?

That question is probably one for the Flex PMC not just just Alex. We have had software grants
in the past but there's been a tendency for the people involved to not work on them after
they have been donated. I don’t think that is the case here but if you can spell out what
you plans are after this got donated and how you expect to support it after donation that
would be great.

> 2) Who handles the code clearance for the source?  Especially given that
> some of the licenses are non-Apache per my statement above.

That would be part of the software grant, which is reviewed by us and the incubator PMC.

> 3) Would we still have rights to contribute?  I don't think any of us are
> code contributors right now.

Everyone has the right to contribute (via pull requests in the github mirror for instance),
but not access to the repo unless they are voted in as a committer. If you contribute a few
good patches it’s very likely you’ll be voted in as a committer. A few good patches to
FlexJS may get you voted in as a committer before the software grant happens. Hanging out
on the mailing list and helping people and interacting with the community here also helps.

> 4) Would we still have control or at least influence over the
> Moonshine-ide.com website, or whatever the corresponding Apache page(s)
> would be?

I’d assume that it would need to move to Apache. Anyone can contribute to those pages, but
only committers could directly change the pages.

> 5) Right now we track the source code in SVN and JIRA internal ticketing
> systems.  I assume we would need to move this to GitHub?

These would need to move to Apache. You could use git or svn. Apache also mirror their git
and svn repos on github.


1. http://www.apache.org/dev/new-committers-guide.html#cla <http://www.apache.org/dev/new-committers-guide.html#cla>
2. http://www.apache.org/licenses/#grants <http://www.apache.org/licenses/#grants>
3. https://code.google.com/archive/p/nativeapplicationupdater/ <https://code.google.com/archive/p/nativeapplicationupdater/>

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