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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Bug in mxmlc script
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 23:28:12 GMT

On 1/5/16, 1:06 PM, "omuppi1@gmail.com on behalf of OmPrakash Muppirala"
<omuppi1@gmail.com on behalf of bigosmallm@gmail.com> wrote:

>On Jan 5, 2016 9:36 AM, "Josh Tynjala" <joshtynjala@gmail.com> wrote:
>> asjsc still generates all of the addDependency() calls required for a
>> build. No hand crafting needed. It generates them in a JS file named
>> ProjectName-dependencies.js. Not coincidentally, that is the only JS
>> that you need to reference in a script tag in your HTML when running the
>> debug build.
>I suppose it does not work that way today?  I see all individual calls
>loading each dependency in index.html.

Are you looking at the html at runtime?  Goog.require ends up injecting
script tags at runtime.


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