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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: AW: AW: [VOTE] Remove the Ant scripts from BlazeDS?
Date Wed, 16 Dec 2015 18:03:09 GMT

On 12/16/15, 4:17 AM, "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:

>Just as a reminder the mail threads in which I suggest such a refactoring:
>... I'll stop for now as I think 3 is enough to prove my point.

In two of the three, I fix the Ant builds.  I will do the same after you
refactor the repo.  It will be easier for me if you leave the build.xml
files instead of removing them.

>So it's not something hat hasn't been discussed in the past and I didn't
>get any objections from those threads.

Nobody is objecting to refactoring the repo in general, in fact folks are
encouraging you to do so.  The only objection is to the removal of Ant
build support.

>Back to the topic:
>- I totally dislike a parallel build with Ant and Maven unless it's
>Justin's suggestion to use the Ant Maven Tasks. The reason for this is
>that I am 1000% certain that the build will be similar but not identical.
>If they are not identical, problems with Ant might occur, that don't for
>Maven and the other way around. I'm no longer willing to waste my time
>this way.

You can maintain the Maven side.  Others will maintain the Ant side.  I
agree that the goal for the Ant build should be to produce the same
artifacts as the Maven build.

>- I doubt that there are people actually compiling BlazeDS on their own
>(Except eventually the guys at Adobe) ... what would they need to do that
>anyway? Most people also don't compile the Flex SDK, they just use it (I
>have never prior to starting to work on the Flex project)

Well, someone wrote in just yesterday trying to compile the source.  Sure,
it is probably not common, but how else do you test out proposed changes?
That's why this is open source, so folks can grab the source and compile

>If we decide to do the dual thing I would like us to vote on ONE
>reference build and the other being the convenience build. If the
>reference is not Maven, we also need someone to maintain BlazeDS in the
>future, as I'm not going to do it. If we decide the reference to be
>Maven, we would need someone to create/move/migrate the Ant build to the
>modules-directory and adjust the readme. As soon as the modules directory
>is a nicely self-contained thing, I'd do the moving and removing of stuff.

My understanding of what you plan to do is remove all folders other than
modules.  Are you then going to "flatten" the tree my removing the actual
modules folder and moving its children up a level?  Either way, just do
it, but please don't delete the build.xml files.  I'll fix up the Ant
build and readme when I know you have the Maven build working with the
folders they way you want it.  If I try to do the Ant work first, I'll
probably do something that isn't Maven-friendly.  Get the Maven stuff done
first.  No need to vote, just general consensus is needed from a
discussion like this.


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