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From Mihai Chira <mihai.ch...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Jenkins build is still unstable: flex-sdk_test #432
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2015 08:01:10 GMT
> I don't know FlexUnit very well.  Is it normal to have both the as3 and
> flex version in the library-path so their definitions compete or is it
> normal to only have one or the other?  I'm trying to understand whether
> the current situation where both are in the library-path is the default
> and our tests have to compensate or whether the tests are misconfigured
> and only one or the other should be used.

I doubt it's normal; so far I've only used one of them in all the
projects I've ever worked on.

Michael Labriola says, in an older thread [1]: "The FlexUnit core
doesn't really care, it allows you to pass whatever you like, however,
since we can't pass config parameters to the core, FlexUnit tries to
'decide' what's going on, so if it doesn’t see any flex related
classes, it assumes its AS only.... and there are actually issues
trying to get to the stage. If it’s a Flex 3 application, it tries to
add an mx..Container. If it’s a mixed mx/spark app, it tries to add an
mx..Container. If it’s a Spark only app, it tries to add a Group."

I've CCd him to the thread, maybe he can help us elucidate this
question. Thanks in advance, Mike.

[1] http://apache-flex-development.2333347.n4.nabble.com/FlexUnit-Compatibility-was-FlexUnit-4-3-td46088.html

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