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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: a stage3d api with flexjs
Date Fri, 20 Nov 2015 17:21:02 GMT
Those who are interested in creating a library that runs on Stage3D for
SWF and WebGL in the browser are more than welcome to work on it.  Lizhi,
would you be willing to donate your effort to the Apache Software
Foundation so we can share your work in our FlexJS repos?

Personally, I probably won't spend too much time on such a library in the
near future because I am focused more on business applications which
generally don't need 3D rendering.  Hopefully other folks will work on
Stage3D/WebGL.  I know folks claim that Starling and Feathers UI were
faster than Spark, but I haven't seen scientific evidence that it was
because Stage3D renders faster that display list.  It could just be that
more AS code was running in Spark than in the Starling/Feathers framework.
 The FlexJS default UI widgets are much lighter weight than the Spark and
MX components.  Also, there are some features like accessibility that are
built-in to both Flash and the browser that would need implementations in
Stage3D and WebGL in order to be able to create UIs that are fully
compliant with many government and corporate mandates for fully accessible
UIs and I feel like I can get there faster by relying on DisplayObject and

Fundamentally, I want FlexJS to be able to handle any library that
operates under the same principles of abstraction and substitution.  There
should be no one single library to do anything in FlexJS.  We want the
tools to support a variety of libraries so developers can choose.


On 11/20/15, 6:37 AM, "Dev LFM" <developerlfm@gmail.com> wrote:

>For me the whole point is that flashplayer renders the same in all
>platforms (mobile/web/desk) and that's the beauty for me.. I'm not gonna
>deep on A vs B or A over B, I just wish there was a good solution for
>"avoid" flash player but keep code base.. That's why I thought that using
>stage3d as 2d (like starling) would be a solution for this problem, it
>would be easier to convert from stage3d to webgl, the work to be done is
>mimic spark components, like Feathers did.
>There is already work done 2 years ago!
>Regarding mobile would avoid installing adobe air (a lot of MB's on
>installer) and with cordova there would be a bridge for native
>We could debug on flashplayer and deploy to html/js for
>At the end, flashplayer is like a html5 canvas with a framework behind
>rendering pixels..
>For me the real challenge is to create from the ground some kind of
>starling, or work over starling to implement know flex capabilities. But
>with flexjs we are doing the "same" amount of work creating components
>can be transpiled to html/js.
>Does anyone agree?
>2015-11-06 2:10 GMT+00:00 lizhi <sliz@qq.com>:
>> it can run foxfire,and my iphone5s.
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