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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: WG: Loosing my drive ...
Date Fri, 06 Nov 2015 07:20:52 GMT

On 11/5/15, 10:35 PM, "Christofer Dutz" <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de> wrote:

>Moving this thread to public dev list ...
>Adding my statement from the initial thread, that from now on I will stop
>contributing to things not built by a sensible build (doesn't have to be
>Maven even if I strongly suggest it).

I’m going to take that as a softening of your position.  I don’t think
anybody would argue that builds should not be “sensible”, but what does
that really mean?  And what practical steps can we do that doesn’t grind
feature development and bug fixing to a halt?

And I’d like to hear from others:  Would better build scripts cause you to
contribute more?  Would switching from Ant to Maven cause you to
contribute more?  What else could we change that would get you to start
contributing or contribute more?

For sure, at the time Adobe transitioned Flex to Apache, having the Flex
SDK work with Maven was the number one vote getter in JIRA.  For FlexJS,
I’m more worried about getting enough features and functionality to the
early adopters such that they provide us the positive testimonials we need
such that enterprises might start using FlexJS and then start asking about
Maven.  IMO, if we don’t get traction, it won’t matter what our builds
look like.  I keep hoping others will start contributing, and in the
upcoming 0.5.0 release I invested several days in trying to make the
builds more sensible because folks said that was a barrier.  But what else
do we need to do in this area?  Can others step in to help?

IMO, the good and bad of Apache being a “do-ocracy” is that, while you can
work on pretty much whatever interests you, at least in this project,
others tend to watch you work.  Maybe there’s something we can tweak so
more folks jump in.  I often think folks still think that we are still in
the “old days” where you had very little influence on the release that
Adobe would offer up on occasion and haven’t fully understood that in the
Apache world, things are almost the exact opposite.  There is no corporate
entity that decides what gets done, individuals can’t just be passive
customers:  they need to somehow find the time to help get things done.
It could just be by using the releases, but it would be much better if
folks who know Maven could help you create a Maven builds for our repos,
and folks who know Java could try to work on the compiler, etc.  Yes,
Adobe pays me to work on Flex, but Adobe is not backing Flex like it used
to.  It has turned the future of Flex over to Apache and the Apache Flex

Anyway, feel free to keep venting for a bit, and even take a break if you
need to, but I hope you will stick with us and we can open an discussion
on more concrete things that we might be able to do to make the builds
more “sensible” and maybe even break it down into small pieces that others
can help with.


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