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From Harbs <harbs.li...@gmail.com>
Subject FlexJS Brand Positioning
Date Sun, 29 Nov 2015 08:29:57 GMT
I was thinking of writing a blog post about FlexJS, and I realized that FlexJS can mean different
things to different people.

1. FlexJS (or really FalconJX) can be a competitor for TypeScript. I can imagine people using
it to write framework agnostic javascript libraries.
2. FlexJS is a replacement for Angular/React with components, data binding and business logic.
3. FlexJS can act as a replacement for a lot of the “helper” js libraries like underscore,
etc. because there’s lots of helper functions built in. (If we take as3commons, we get an
ton more of those.)
4. FlexJS can act as the “glue” that holds different JS libraries together to form an
5. FlexJS adds a lot of functionality you can not get in other frameworks. i.e. E4X (once
we finish with that), zip processing (via as3commons), “real” components that can simply
be dropped in, etc.

To increase adoption of FlexJS, I think we need to market specifically to these targets. It
would probably be a good idea to figure out how to polish our message as well as our delivery.

Here’s some thoughts to get this discussion started:

1. For FalconJX to compete with TypeScript it needs dead simple instructions on how to use.
TypeScript does this right.[1] Getting npm support really talks to JavaScript developers.
Maven is fine as well. Both is probably the best approach.
2. Again, we need dead simple instructions on getting started with FlexJS. The installer app
is good, but some step by step instructions on how to build some “hello world” apps would
go a long way. These need to be on the Flex website and not buried in some wiki somewhere.


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