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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Flex SDK JIRA backlog
Date Wed, 18 Nov 2015 06:06:45 GMT

Was looking through the JIRA backlog and come up with a few people might want to look at for
the next release. Does anyone have any time to work on any of these? Are there any other we
should look at / have patches / people want fixed?

Possible regression issues?
FLEX-34943 Data binding not working in Spark TextFlow
FLEX-34939 RichEditableText textAlign broken
FLEX-34936 Copy/Paste Not Working Properly in Mac System
FLEX-34934 Spark Window - Closed Window
FLEX-34909 Embedded fonts not working on charts

Recent unresolved issues
FLEX-34937 TLF - UndoManager - Crash
FLEX-34926 Misplaced [PercentProxy] metatag in GridColumn
FLEX-34776 BusyIndicator not showing correctly on Android
FLEX-34856 Mobile TextArea component loses HTML formatting with View change or Style change
FLEX-34954 SkinnableTextBase steals focus by callLater(textDisplay.setFocus)
FLEX-34953 Spark TextInput selectedRange not work correctly in desktop
FLEX-34943 Data binding not working in Spark TextFlow
FLEX-34925 spark List scroller doesn't update
FLEX-34896 Null Error #1009 in mx.controls.DataGridColumn.as at line 1803
FLEX-34894 AdvancedDataGrid iconFunction doesn't work with ArrayCollection as dataProvider

Sorting work in progress?
FLEX-34917 DataGrid ignores column formatters when sorting by simple fields
FLEX-34916 DataGrid doesn't refresh sorting when formatter applied to sorted column
FLEX-34885 When changing the original Array and marking the item as updated in a sorted collection,
the removed item is still in the collection
FLEX-34882 FLEX-34853 Make Sort and SortField immutable by removing any state setters
FLEX-34853 Refactor Sort.reverse() and SortField.reverse() to work with immutable Sort and
SortField objects
FLEX-34854 FLEX-34852 Make sure that when the value of complex fields changes their root objects
are repositioned in collections according to the current sorting rules
FLEX-34853 ListCollectionView.getItemIndex throws RTE when the Sort's sortFields change
FLEX-34852 Allow sorting by complex fields in ListCollectionView
FLEX-34837 DataGrid sorted with complex dataField doesn't keep track of changes to those fields,
leading to RTE when trying to remove selected item

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