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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Using MX functions in a FlexJS project
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 20:24:15 GMT

On 10/21/15, 12:54 PM, "LukeWilimitis" <lcw4@ntrs.com> wrote:

>As part of a rather complex project I'm working on, I'm required to
>functionality from the Flex3 SDK (specifically, the MX classes) and
>it into a working FlexJS app.

Do you mean the mx UI widgets like mx:TextInput?  Can you provide a list
of which mx classes you are currently using?

>Am I way over my head here? Or should it theoretically be possible to
>include large pieces of the original Flex SDK functionality into a FlexJS
>project? (Assuming you include those MX classes in a separate Action
>Library project)

Yes, it is theoretically possible.  We don’t have the equivalent of
mx:Tree or mx:AdvancedDataGrid and some other classes yet.  Volunteers are
always welcome to try to create the missing components.

The current FlexJS APIs are a bit different, and some folks are interested
in a more Spark or MX-compatible component set, which could also be
created by volunteers.

>Also, I've been staying up to date on these discussion boards, and really
>appreciate all the work you all are putting in to get this thing up and
>running! I hope I can help in any way

You can help just by trying to port your app and telling us what isn’t
working.  And if you can help contribute fixes and missing features, all
the better.  FlexJS has to be created by folks like you.  There isn’t some
corporate entity pushing it.


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