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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release Apache FlexJS 0.5.0
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2015 07:09:02 GMT

Similar to the FalconJX discuss thread, I spent some time today trying to
make the FlexJS release testing simpler.  And like for FalconJX, it would
be great for folks to try it and report issues.

You still need to set up the pre-requisites manually (Ant, Java, AIR,
Flash playerglobal, Flash Player Debugger), but ‘ant all’ should now run
without needing flex-sdk or flex-asjs or any other repo.  Of course, my
system isn’t quite as ‘clean’ as some of yours so I may have missed

For FlexJS, I opted to update the ApproveFlexJS script so that pull a
binary release of FalconJX and FlexUnit so you don’t need to set up any
additional environment variables.  Note, though, that I did not put the
logic to pull those binary releases into the main build scripts because,
at least for me as a developer, I don’t want to be working against binary
artifacts, I want to be working against the various repos.

So, to try out my latest attempt at simplification, you must use the
ApproveFlexJS script which you can get from [1].  See the steps below:

0) Make sure Ant and Java are in the path, and set up AIR_HOME,
PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME and FLASHPLAYER_DEBUGGER environment variables if you
haven’t already.  Then:
1) create an empty folder.
2) Copy ApproveFlexJS.xml from the flex-asjs repo or download it here
[1] and copy it into the empty folder
3) From the empty folder, run ‘ant -e -f ApproveFlexJS.xml

It will take you through examining the notice files and then at the end,
it should download FalconJX and FlexUnit, then build FlexJS and run its
tests unattended.

If you want to grab the bits manually, they are here [2].

Thanks in advance for trying it.


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