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From Alexander Doroshko <alexander.doros...@jetbrains.com>
Subject Re: Fixing Flexmojos import in IntelliJ
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2015 10:36:21 GMT
Thank you for your contribution!
Please see comments in the pull request: 

On 17.10.2015 16:52, Christofer Dutz wrote:
> Ok ... the reason for the Error was code I commented out in order to debug the generator.
After commenting that back in, all seems to be running nicely. I just submitted a pull request
for this ... I think this change should also work with Maven 3.1.0, ... would be great if
you could check this and include this fix in in the near future. Would then start to tacke
with the Flex SDK detection (Flexmojos SDK (version) ) which doesn't grab the air and fontkit
libs any longer :-)
> Chris
> ________________________________________
> Von: Christofer Dutz <christofer.dutz@c-ware.de>
> Gesendet: Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015 13:06
> An: 'dev@flex.apache.org'
> Betreff: Fixing Flexmojos import in IntelliJ
> Hi,
> well it seems that today I managed to find a solution to the problem we were having with
the generation of the flex config files starting with Maven 3.1.1.
> It took quite a while to understand how the plugin mechanism works, but I was finally
able to manually execute the "GeneratorServer" class and track down the problem. It seems
that the PlexusContainer didn't find any components at all. So the error message complaining
about it not being able to find some Mojo State object was more a "couln't find anything".
While looking through the plexus code and comparing that to some code examples in the web,
I noticed that the do a classpath scan. So I changed Line 325 from:
>      final DefaultPlexusContainer container = new DefaultPlexusContainer(new DefaultContainerConfiguration().setClassWorld(new
ClassWorld("plexus.core", Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader())).setName("maven").setAutoWiring(true));
> To:
> ContainerConfiguration containerConfiguration = new DefaultContainerConfiguration()
>          .setClassPathScanning(PlexusConstants.SCANNING_ON).setAutoWiring(true)
>          .setClassWorld(new ClassWorld("plexus.core", Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader())).setName("maven");
> final DefaultPlexusContainer container = new DefaultPlexusContainer(containerConfiguration);
> The only main difference is actually the ".setClassPathScanning(PlexusConstants.SCANNING_ON)"
> With this change, the plexus container is fully initialized and I was able to initialize
the entire container. Unfortunately I am now having another problem, that doesn't seem to
be related to any of the problems.
> In line 85 of the GeneratorServer the Server is doing an utf read to get orders from
the IDE (I am assuming this is what's happening here), which the plugin is complaining about
all the time ... it always says:
> UTFDataFormatException: malformed input around byte 0
> Any idea what could be wrong?
> Chris

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