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From Alexander Doroshko <alexander.doros...@jetbrains.com>
Subject Re: AW: AW: [IDEA-FlexPlugin] Setup Instructions
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2015 11:23:34 GMT
On 13.10.2015 23:50, Christofer Dutz wrote:
> Ok ... well I investigated the code in
> intellij-plugins/flex/tools/flexmojos-flex-configs-generator/generator-server
> com.intellij.flex.maven.GeneratorServer
> This code was indeed adjusted to work with the new Maven 3.2 libs.
I'm not sure it is true. It works with bundled Maven 3.0.5, but users 
who tried to use more fresh Maven versions said it doesn't work.

> When running IntelliJ using the "Flex-Plugin" Run configuration the generation of the
flexmojos config files actually does work. If running normal IntelliJ it however doesn't.
Maven is configured in Settings (Preferences) | ... | Maven | Maven home 
directory. You might have different settings in your work IDE and in IDE 
started from sources.
> When configuring the build, I had to manually add a library "maven3.2" containing all
the libs in "intellij-plugins/flex/tools/flexmojos-flex-configs-generator/lib/maven3.2" to
the flexmojos-flex-configs-generator in order to make it build. Eventually in the normal build
these libs aren't packaged. Could this be the reason for FM 7.1.0 not working in IntelliJ
if installed from the website installer?
maven-...-3.2.3.jar files in 
intellij-plugins/flex/tools/flexmojos-flex-configs-generator/lib/maven3.2 are 
most likely some unfinished work.
I do not think they should be included in IDE installer. IDE already has 
3.0.5 bundled (that doesn't work fo Flexmojos 7, I know) and setting 
where Maven used for importing is set.
Flexmojos 7 importer could show a balloon asking to change Maven version 
in Preferences.

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