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From Joe Kryzak <...@aligned.com>
Subject Re: FDT
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2015 17:54:47 GMT
Yes, I agree with you there. I’ll definitely take a look at it, thanks for pointing it out.

> On Sep 24, 2015, at 9:22 AM, Lou <lh.fxdev@gmail.com> wrote:
> Well I haven't used it yet so I don't know if I *recommend* it (yet),
> but here's why I'm focusing on trying it first:
> -They're Flash and Flex focused (IntelliJ supports many other
> technologies so we're competing with those for development support)
> -It's Eclipse based (familiarity for my teams and myself)
> -Free version has built-in Flex support (I believe IntelliJ's Flex
> support requires the paid version), although I'll probably want the paid
> version for more features, but I can try it for as long as I want.
> -Too many vocal guys on the Flex mailing lists marketing IntelliJ as
> "the Flex IDE". I don't feel it's fair to FDT, especially when Flex and
> Flash are on their website's front page!
> On Wed, 2015-09-23 at 23:41 -0400, Joe Kryzak wrote:
>> Hi Lou -
>> Just saw your post, you recommend FDT? We are currently looking at IntelliJ. Works
way better than FB, but wasn’t even aware of FDT before you brought it up. What do you like
about it?
>> Thanks -
>> Joe

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