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From DarkStone <darkst...@163.com>
Subject Re:The future of Adobe AIR is right?
Date Sun, 26 Jul 2015 01:00:45 GMT
Hi Udirley,

No worry, the Adobe AIR support is very much alive, Adobe updates AIR every 3 to 4 weeks.

The following new features of Adobe AIR is coming this year:

AIR – Concurrency for iOS (already available in AIR 19 beta)
AIR – 64-bit support for Windows and Mac applications
AIR – Improved HTML5 support
AIR – Improved video support on Android
AIR – HiDPI support for Windows 8 and Windows 10

See the Flash Roadmap for more information:

With Apache Flex SDK + Adobe AIR + HTML5/JS, you can do cool mobile apps like this:
(Use your iOS or Android device to open this url, then download and install it at your mobile
device, no desktop computer needed)
The main frame and the front page of this demo are all made with Flex SDK (not FlexJS), the
other pages are loaded with HTML5/JS (not FlexJS) webpages using AIR's StageWebView.
Due to this demo is part of a commercial project of my client in China, this demo is not open

>Adobe AIR will be kept? This is a sure future?
>I migrate to AIR?

>You can now use FlexJS?
FlexJS is not production ready for use yet, but the future of FlexJS is promising.

For now, Apache Flex SDK + Adobe AIR is production ready.

Hope it helps.


At 2015-07-25 22:14:09, "Udirley Otoni Pesse" <udirleyotoni@gmail.com> wrote:
>Sorry for asking these questions here.
>I have several applications in flex which until then were being executed by
>the browser, with the increasing bombing the flash player has been
>suffering I find it very hard that it lasts for a long time, and for this
>reason I'm switching to air adobe, so I no longer use the browser.
>But me there arise some questions, which assures me that Adobe will
>continue the AIR support?
>There site for dounload can only download for Windows 32 and Mac. What
>about Windows 64 and Linux. Am I following the right path?
>I have many time s work and I can not lose them.
>I have eagerly awaited by FlexJS, but I see that the project is still at a
>very high level of development and has little documentation.
>I'm being pressured to migrate to HTMH5 but I did not want to, I like the
>Flex, but I am employee in a company do not know how long I'll be able to
>I need to make a decision soon, and your opinions will count a lot in this
>Adobe AIR will be kept? This is a sure future?
>I migrate to AIR?
>You can now use FlexJS?
>In short ... I'm desperately trying to save years of work and my job.
>Celular: (27) 9316-4909
>E-mail 1: udirleyotoni@gmail.com
>E-mail 2: udirleyotoni@hotmail.com
>Msn: udirleyotoni@hotmail.com
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