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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS] IntelliJ Integration
Date Fri, 15 May 2015 04:31:54 GMT

On 5/14/15, 8:03 PM, "kevin.godell" <kevin.godell@gmail.com> wrote:

>Is there any arg that can be passed to /bin/mxmlc to have the swf output
>a different directory? Its not really a big deal, but when I run the
>external tool and create the swf, it is output into the src directory,
>side with the mxml file that was passed to /bin/mxmlc. Ideally, I would
>to move it up a level into a bin folder, similar to how the /js/bin/mxmlc


>Has anybody tried -keep? I wanted to see the generated as, but it does not
>seem to work.

Falcon’s architects decided to eliminate generated AS in favor of being
able to do optimizations that don’t represent themselves in AS.  I’m not
sure that has actually been leveraged.  Maybe Gordon or Darrell know of an
example.  But unfortunately, that means there is no generated AS to look

>About the -debug=true arg, I had that in the original video, but I have
>since removed that arg as it does not seem necessary. Can anybody else
>verify that you can debug without that arg passed in?

Hmm.  Looks like you are right. I don’t see any checks for the debug flag.

>$ModuleSourcePath$/$ModuleName$.mxml is what I use in the parameters of
>external tool. It seemed to work ok, so that if you give focus to any file
>in the src directory of the app, it will still target the correct file.
>made sense to me because most likely you will be editing a file in src,
>then launching the debugger after the edit.
>Does the main mxml file have to be named DataBindingTest.mxml? Is there
>code inside the app that is dependent on that name? I didn't have time to
>investigate that. Ran out of time for tonight. Thanks.

There is code in the example looking for a class of type DataBindingTest
in order to talk back to the app.  Should only be in one or two places.


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