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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [FlexJS - FlaconJx] GIT checkout and compiling
Date Thu, 07 May 2015 16:53:44 GMT
Flex-falcon currently requires flex-sdk and flex-asjs.  Flex-sdk requires
flex-blazeds and flex-tlf.  Flex-asjs requires flex-flexunit and flex-sdk
and flex-falcon so there is a circularity.  It should all be documented in
various readme files.  The dependencies should only be involved in running
automated tests.

I think you can build just the SWF compiler by running “ant jar” in
flex-falcon/compiler and build the FalconJX jars by running “ant” in
flex-falcon/compiler.jx but it is probably ok just to see how far it gets.

So, I think the recipe is:

Git clone flex-tlf
Git clone flex-blazeds
Git clone flex-sdk
Setup environment vars as described in flex-sdk/README
In flex-sdk run “ant main”
Git clone flex-falcon
Git clone flex-asjs
Git clone flex-flexunit
Setup environment vars as described in flex-falcon/README
In flex-falcon run “ant all”.  Ignore failure.
Setup environment vars as described in flex-asjs/README

In flex-asjs run “ant”.
In flex-falcon run “ant all” again.


On 5/7/15, 8:55 AM, "Michael Schmalle" <teotigraphixllc@gmail.com> wrote:

>Ok, my little boy curiosity has been peaked enough to want to try and
>compile this beast.
>It's been 2 years since I even had this code on my computer. Do I need the
>Flex SDK still to compile for FlexJS and the cross compiler?
>My goal is to be able to build the compiler and the FlexJS framework.
>someone be so kind and give me a quick list of what I need to do? Which
>repos I need to checkout.
>I guess first I would like to write a unit test hello world eventually for
>the compiler and that being said I can't seem to find the page that
>describes how to make sure my git setup doesn't screw up things.

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