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From Michael Schmalle <teotigraphix...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [FalconJX FlexJS] JIRA issues and helping with the compiler
Date Wed, 27 May 2015 16:52:49 GMT
On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 12:37 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:

> On 5/27/15, 9:02 AM, "Michael Schmalle" <teotigraphixllc@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >In the FlexJS and FalconJX categories there is not much and just assuming
> >since your are basically the main committer on the compiler right now,
> >that
> >you just fix stuff and don't enter issues.
> Yep.  Although if more folks are going to work on stuff I’ll be more
> motivated to file tickets.
> >
> >That said, is there anything that you know about with the compiler
> >FalconJX/FlexJS that I could work on to get my feet wet? Or are your TODOs
> >more based on the fact you know exactly what is going on there and I can't
> >do much until I fully understand the tool chain of FlexJS and GCC?
> I don’t think I have a list in my head that will help you learn the tool
> chain.  I want to suppress the GCC warnings, but I don’t think that will
> teach you much.  I want to explore Josh’s idea of FalconJX with a native
> HTML swc so we can write all of our JS code in AS.  If you want to work on
> that, that would be awesome, but it may not teach you how the FlexJS
> workflow is supposed to go.

Ok, that answered my question.

Well, when I said "teach" I just meant getting into the code. Really, I
know the base part of the compiler and the walker/visitor framework well
;-), so getting FalconJX to use an HTML.swc would be exactly what I am
looking for to do.

This is where you can keep doing what you are good at and I can work on
what I am good at(code rendering).

Can I ask you to start another thread and outline what you see needs to be
done to accomplish what is in your mind dealing with FalconJX and the
HTML.swc? If you can just brainstorm, then I can ask you questions to fill
in the gaps that I am not seeing.

> Peter and I are working on our own apps that use FlexJS.  It rarely works
> like we’d like it to, then we fix the compiler or FlexJS code until it
> does.  It might be best for you to simply start on a test app that uses
> your NativeExtension and try to get it working in Cordova.  Or, if that
> feels like too big a bite, I’ll push the app I’m working on and you can
> work on it as well if you find it interesting.

This would be beneficial for me as well and probably others. I could see
myself learning from something you are actively working on and looking at
your commits.

Right now I have a September target for about 4-5 Feathers mobile Android
apps I am working on to release based on Caustic audio engine, that is my
income. :) So the Crodova experiment I see coming in the Fall/Winter when I
am more sound in what's going on and the component framework is a bit more

> As always, I’m glad you have your and Fred’s and everyone else’s help.

Yeah, well if my apps take off, which they should since I am working with
the dev of Caustic, I will have a 100% excuse to keep working on this
project for the foreseeable future. As you can see, with apps selling using
native extensions and AIR, my motivation to get them to work in
HTML/Cordova increases 10 fold because they are already successful on one
platform. This is a good thing.


> -Alex

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