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From "Michael A. Labriola" <labri...@digitalprimates.net>
Subject FlexUnit Compatibility (was FlexUnit 4.3)
Date Sun, 19 Apr 2015 03:05:45 GMT
Question for the group:

The FlexUnit dependencies could be a lot cleaner but right now we have static classes that
reach out to try to figure out if it's an AS only application or a Flex application among
other things. The reason we do this is that Flash Builder has a wrapper for the FlexUnit classes
they generate. It doesn't allow any direct access to the FlexUnit core which is where things
are configured. So, as we tried to keep the FlashBuilder compatibility and add features, we
had to do so knowing we couldn't get things passed in... so... here is the question:

I can make this all cleaner and so much easier... but doing so will break compatibility with
Flash Builder. Long ago, we actually decompiled the Flash Builder jars and provided Adobe
a fix that would let us handle this better but there wasn't traction to ever get it released.
So, we could 

1) break compatibility and then subsequently provide some solution via a hacky flash builder
2) drop compatibility altogether with flash builder
3) leave it alone and continue to build two versions of the project as we do now, one with
and one without Flex dependencies

Thoughts on impact in the current ecosystem?
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