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From Christofer Dutz <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject AW: [FlexPMD] Starting work on FlexPMD
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2015 21:55:53 GMT
Ok ... so I finished migrating the rules to PMD5 and fixed the obvious errors in the Testsuite.
So currently the build is green ... would be cool however if someone could go through the
rules and give them a little love. I don't know if I did the changes to the rules 100% PMD
feng-shui ;-)

Next I'll invest a little time in actually bringing PMD itself, Parser and RuleSet together.


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Von: Christofer Dutz [mailto:christofer.dutz@c-ware.de] 
Gesendet: Sonntag, 8. März 2015 11:35
An: dev@flex.apache.org
Betreff: AW: [FlexPMD] Starting work on FlexPMD

Hi Justin, 

just noticed ... you don't need FM at all to build my new version of Flex PMD. FlexMojos is
only needed in order to build the editor and viewer of the old FlexPMD. All you need for the
new language-module is what's inside the "language-module" directory. It should be self contained
and have no reference any code outside this directory.


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Von: Christofer Dutz [mailto:christofer.dutz@c-ware.de] 
Gesendet: Sonntag, 8. März 2015 11:28
An: dev@flex.apache.org
Betreff: AW: [FlexPMD] Starting work on FlexPMD

Oh ... thought I had FM 7.0.1 in there ... don't see a reason not using the latest released
version ;-)

Yesterday I noticed that I had to comment out some code in order to have FlexPMD use PMD 5.x
... this made some of the tests in the ruleset testsuite fail ... I fixed most of these errors.
Think I still need a few hours to sort these problems out (But it's the first warm and sunny
day today here in germany, so I won't do this today ;-) ).

Actually if you switch to FM 7.0.1 it should work with a simple "mvn clean install" inside
the language-modue directory.


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Von: Justin Mclean [mailto:justinmclean@me.com] 
Gesendet: Sonntag, 8. März 2015 00:24
An: dev@flex.apache.org
Betreff: Re: [FlexPMD] Starting work on FlexPMD


> Ok so I did a few changes and pushed my stuff. I didn't change the original but created
a new project in a separate directory. All parser tests are green, in the rule set some are
red. Didn't have the time to sort them our yet. So if you want to give it a try ... Feel free
to do so ;-)

A minimal README might help :-) Obviously some set up issue (missing flexmojos) as I currently
get this:

The project org.apache.flex.pmd:flexunit-theme:1.3-SNAPSHOT (/Users/justinmclean/Documents/ApacheFlexUtilitiesGit/FlexPMD/flex-pmd-flex/flexunit-theme/pom.xml)
has 2 errors
[ERROR]     Unresolveable build extension: Plugin net.flexmojos.oss:flexmojos-maven-plugin:7.1.0-SNAPSHOT
or one of its dependencies could not be resolved: The following artifacts could not be resolved:
net.flexmojos.oss:flexmojos-maven-plugin:jar:7.1.0-SNAPSHOT, net.flexmojos.oss:flexmojos-threadlocaltoolkit-wrapper:jar:7.1.0-SNAPSHOT,
org.apache.flex:compiler:pom: Could not find artifact net.flexmojos.oss:flexmojos-maven-plugin:jar:7.1.0-SNAPSHOT
-> [Help 2]
[ERROR]     Unknown packaging: swc @ line 29, column 13

Why does it need this?


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