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From Gary Yang <flashflex...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: "The Player", a case for an independent Flash Player
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2015 17:06:56 GMT
1) System like Flash can't be done by opensource community, and every
system comes to this complex, will have the same problem, HTML/JavaScript
do much worse, because they have more debt to pay off, for example,
websites made in 1999.
2) Every big bully wants to have there own environment, developers, so that
that can direct the market, especially Apple who owns both hardware and
software is already doing so with iOS.
3) Developers all can talk, even they don't know what they are talking
about, so don't listen to all of them, take a look at their work first!

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 2:32 AM, Stephane Beladaci <
adobeflexengineer@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 5:57 PM, Angelo Anolin <angelo.anolin@gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > With most enterprise (MS on .NET, Google on Angular, Facebook on React),
> I
> > think it should just follow that Adobe perhaps start the process of
> having
> > Flash open sourced so that all possible enhancements and security patches
> > it needs can be performed by a community that believes in its
> capabilities
> > - in media and enterprise.
> I think that is precisely what Adobe has been trying to do, the
> company is just incapable to communicate. It is also a flat corporate
> structure with what I often call a Stars War syndrom, bright and dark
> side of the force fighting from within. The last one who talks is
> right. Cells of people are free to do or not do what they feel is
> right or not, with no leadership or vision passed the VP. We still
> have friends in the company, and the company has shown his willingness
> to give us what we need to do what they fail. I believe the executive
> branch knowns very well that we can face and counter Apple, Adobe
> cannot. Adobe is making its money with the people who carry Apple's
> water, the worse enemies of Flash. We can say what Adobe cannot, we do
> not face the risk to see out customer based turn against us and take
> the company down.
> Sadly the community has been too busy self bashing and self
> destructing, feeling too defranchized to see the opportunity, and
> walking away from anything Adobe without seeing the gold mine it is
> handing over to us. Things start to change now tho, it is the right
> time to rurn this around.
> > Funny as a moment ago, I was just watching some video about Facebook's
> > React framework and their mantra was - "Learn Once, Write Anywhere".
> Wasn't
> > this already the option offered by Flex/AS3 even before the boom of
> > fragmented devices/OS? The only thing that separates with this native
> > frameworks is that Flex/AS3 requires a closed Adobe plugin, whilst the JS
> > frameworks are open, but still dependent on what the browser could offer
> in
> > terms of compatibility and implementation.
> That takes us back to my previous email in response to Carlos. You are
> right, and it is because JS is wide open and lose that Facebook failed
> a multi million dollars, multi years project codename Spartan with
> which it tried to take on Apple AppStore using HTML5. I told in 2010
> Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, and half a dozen of the first 30
> engineers who started the company that HTML5 will fail them. It did,
> to such a point that it failed their entry to mobile, which by
> extension failed their IPO. Someone is laughing all the way to Hell
> Bank.
> > Nonetheless, I still believe and this will hold true that Flex is the
> best
> > platform to build enterprise, business-level application. 95% of
> businesses
> > won't care what technology stack an application was build, nor the
> platform
> > it is being delivered. If it performs the functionality desired and
> solves
> > real world business problems, then they are more likely to approve of
> that
> > project.
> > I hope this project pushes through - to bring a new breathe of life for
> > Flex app development. The functionality offered by Flex out of the box is
> > simply too good to be left out for consideration in the realms of
> > enterprise software development.
> Thank you, I needed to read that.
> -Stephane

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