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From "Neil Madsen" <li...@cranialinteractive.com>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.2
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2015 16:50:18 GMT
Hi Alex,
Yes, this is exactly what is happening. When the language changes it doesn't
check if there is data from the XML file available. It simply rebuilds the
list of items from a predefined set in this method
"initializeInstallerComponentsDataProvider()". It should be looking for any
data stored in "_installerComponentsDataProvider" and use that data if it's

What I think has happened is that when the code was added to load the XML
config data, the installer wasn't updated to use that data in all scenarios
(and there are more than a few now). 

I think I know what needs to happen now so I'll try to wire it all up and
get a working version. If I have any troubles I'll be sure to ask on the
list. I'm pretty sure the "_installerComponentsDataProvider" and the
"usingXML:Boolean" need to be used within the
"initializeInstallerComponentsDataProvider()" method to determine what
components/checkboxes are supposed to be displayed. This will allow for the
dynamic data and a fallback for versions not using the XML config data.

I'll post back with my results.


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From: Alex Harui [mailto:aharui@adobe.com] 
Sent: February-05-15 9:23 AM
To: dev@flex.apache.org; Neil Madsen
Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.2

Hi Neil,

It sounds like there may still be confusion about how the checkbox set is
determined.  For recent releases like Flex SDK 4.13 and 4.14, and for FlexJS
releases, the 'final' list of items is not in the InstallApacheFlex.mxml
file at all.  Really, there is no final list.  It is totally data driven
from xml files co-located with the release artifacts and can be different
for each release.  We can even change an .xml file after we release and the
Installer needs to pick up that change at runtime.  There is a set of
checkboxes in InstallApacheFlex.mxml, but that is used for Flex SDK 4.12.1
and older (actually even whether 4.12.x uses the built-in checkboxes is
determined by another .xml file).

IOW, we are trying to make the installer be totally data driven, but it has
to keep an old code path around.  It looks like when the language changes,
the installer reverts to the old code path.  It needs to go down the new
code path with the new language.


On 2/5/15, 8:04 AM, "Neil Madsen" <lists@cranialinteractive.com> wrote:

>I have made some changes to the code and the check boxes seem to be 
>If I could get a 'final' list of items to be displayed I can make sure 
>the correct items are being displayed and then push this version for
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>Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.2
>Thanks Piotr. I see what's happening.
>Can someone please give a list of all required/optional check boxes to 
>be displayed for v4.14.0
>There has been so much discussion regarding what should and shouldn't 
>be required I lost track and I'm not sure where it stands right now. If 
>I have a list I can fix up the error when changing languages on the 
>license screen.
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>From: piotrz [mailto:piotrzarzycki21@gmail.com]
>Sent: February-05-15 12:58 AM
>To: dev@flex.apache.org
>Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.2
>I've just tried last nightly build of installer (Build #380) and on the 
>license agreements I see:
>Once I change language I see:
>So we have an issue here. Additionally I don't see this ->
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