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From Dany Dhondt <archeme...@mac.com>
Subject Re: Spark RichTextEditor
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2015 12:01:55 GMT
Hi Curtis,

I realized that the implementation is very simple using your SparkRichTextEditorToolbar:

<piematrix:SparkRichTextEditorToolBar id="toolbar"/>
<s:TextArea id="ta1" focusIn="{toolbar.textArea = ta1}" width="{toolbar.width}"/>
<s:TextArea id="ta2" focusIn="{toolbar.textArea = ta2}" width="{toolbar.width}"/>

Works like a charm! We don't need a RichTextEditor this way, just stack up some TextArea's.

I suggest to rename SparkRichTextEditorToolBar to TextAreaFormattingToolbar
I think this would be a valuable addition to the sdk.

thanks for the help!


Op 26 feb 2015 om 00:42 uur uur schreef Curtis Aube <curtis.aube@piematrix.com>:

Hey Dany,

Interesting. I originally wrote it in a way that would support this use case quite well. Basically
the toolbar and the TextArea were separate so you could fairly easily change which TextArea
the toolbar affected.

The code is still available here: https://github.com/cjaube/piematrix/tree/master/SparkRichTextEditorProject

Here's an example of how you would use it:

<sparkRichTextEditor:SparkRichTextEditorToolBar id="toolbar"/>
<s:TextArea id="textAreaOne" width="100%" focusIn="{toolbar.textArea=textAreaOne}"/>
<s:TextArea id="textAreaTwo" width="100%" focusIn="{toolbar.textArea=textAreaTwo}"/>

You may have to tweak the code some to get it to do what you want, but that should work.

I'll keep this use case in mind when making changes to the current spark RichTextEditor. I
did a quick test with it to see if I could get the current one working the way you want, and
I got close, but it didn't quite behave right. Basically, I overrode the skin to have two
TextAreas and then programmable swapped out the textArea part and dispatching appropriate
property change events. It worked, but behaved a little quirky and sometimes threw stack traces.

Curtis Aube

On Feb 25, 2015, at 2:11 PM, Dany Dhondt <archemedia@mac.com> wrote:
Hi All,
I'm working with the new spark RichTextEditor and came up with a use case I'm unable to achieve:
2 or more RTE's are stacked vertically. Each of them have a formatting toolbar.
Is it possible to hide the toolbars of the individual RTE's?
is it possible to add one toolbar above all RTE's which controls the RTE that has focus?
Could we make the formatting toolbar a separate component?

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