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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: TLF Unit Tests
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2015 22:09:15 GMT
Oops, I meant ‘double-check Justin’s findings'

On 1/24/15, 12:50 PM, "Alex Harui" <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:

>Ha, that's what I get for not double checking justin. I'll revert in a
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>Harbs <harbs.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
>Here’s the texts which are all clearly public domain:
>1) Alice in Wonderland (and parts of it)
>2) Parts of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Ethan Brand
>3) John F. Kennedy’s “ask not” speech.
>4) The Barnsley Manifesto
>5) UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
>6) The Bible in Hebrew
>The following are Adobe licensed and donated, so they are okay:
>1) Text from the Japanese OpenType guide.
>On Jan 24, 2015, at 10:03 PM, Harbs <harbs.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
>> It looks to me that we are fine with this:
>> I’ll be happy to check the rest of the test texts to make sure they are
>>all public domain.
>> On Jan 24, 2015, at 9:50 PM, Harbs <harbs.lists@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Why is that a problem? As Erik points out, it’s currently public
>>>domain text. I did not go through all the text, but I’m sure Adobe
>>>picked open domain text for all the tests.(i.e. I noticed the Hebrew
>>>text is text from the bible. You can’t get more open domain then
>>> Swapping out the texts for other texts will probably be a lot of work
>>>because there’s certain assumptions of where / how long texts will be.
>>> On Jan 24, 2015, at 8:38 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:
>>>> Piotr, Harbs,
>>>> Turns out the TLF tests are infested with text from Alice In
>>>> and probably other famous text.  Do either of you (or anybody else)
>>>> time to overhaul the tests?  I think you probably would be faster at
>>>> than me.  I’m not that familiar with FlexUnit and how it manages
>>>> I’d suggest grabbing replacement text from the Apache Flex blog
>>>>because we
>>>> own that content.
>>>> -Alex

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