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From Stephane Beladaci <adobeflexengin...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: "The Player", a case for an independent Flash Player
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 04:48:11 GMT
> Things don't often go that way with software development, more people
> doesn't necessarily mean less time, there are tasks that cannot be done in
> parallel or by more than one person. Also, there are certain things in
> development where automatic testing is not 100% possible or worth the time.

I agree and am conscious of that, I did not mean to suggest what we should
do and how, but rather was trying to make a point which is that we do have
at our disposition today many solutions, processes, and technology that the
Flash runtimes team did not have. That is in addition to what they could
have had, but could not use or leverage due to legal or corporate barriers
that apply to a multinational, but does not apply to an independent not for
profit or hybrid project. I am in direct contact with IBM and Microsoft and
have direct access to the engineering and product management teams through
multiple programs such as Microsoft Azure Advisors, Bizspark, IBM SoftLayer
Catalyst etc... I am bullish on what solutions such as Watson from IBM and
the virtualization effort from Microsoft can do to help us pull this off.
Since it is a green field project with full freedom to set it the we want,
we can also redefine the way development and engineering is handled based
on what those latest advances bring.

In short, I am after creative out of the box thinking from people in the
know with previous experience with the Flash Runtime development to come up
with a way to accomplish what most believe to be impossible. It will also
bring a lot of eyeballs and press, a domain in which Adobe is not good at

That aside, I agree with the others in that you seem to have a rather
> aggressive attitude and you should change that, but I also agree in that I
> find this to be a rather valid place to have this discussion even if this
> is not strictly Flex related.

I do not know if you noticed, but Flash has been under attack and we are
officially at war since April 2010. You probably notice that everyone gave
up and I am literally on of the last man standing. I have also a flair for
double agenda and self serving propaganda. I also spend dealing with a wide
spread denial and lot of people who aggressively try to undermine my effort
to make themselves feel better about the fact that they are now more part
of the problem more than anywhere near the solution, and will attack that
solution as conscious or subconscious defence mechanism. So spare with me
for being sick and tired to have to spend more time stopping the nonsense
than working on the solution, but I will keep doing so as I believe no
solution can flourish without taking care of the bad weed first.

As far as this conversation is concerned, I said what I have to said when
it was appropriate to say it and will ignore the background noise it is

> Another person maybe worth considering is https://twitter.com/zwetan the
> author of RedTamarin. Although I think that part of the code may be the
> easier part, maybe because it's more or less related to what I often do,
> for me making a renderer as good as the one in Flash/LightSpark would be
> harder, as I don't have enough knowledge in low level graphics or GPUs,
> although I'd love to. I've made a lot of work with graphics, blitting,
> video, audio... but always at a higher level.

I am already in contact with zmetan, we had a long chat on Twitter recently
about RedTamarin and investigating what it can do for ThePlayer is on my
todo. Thanks for the feedback, it confirms there might be something here so
I will push it a few rank up on my list :)

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