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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release Apache Flex 4.14.0
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2015 01:11:41 GMT

When installing via the installer we have a couple of issues:

1.If you change locale you get an incorrect list of licenses. This happens if you select the
locale up front as the first step or if you change it at the license step.

2. The installer RTEs if you have any licence boxes checked and change locale.

Here's the log:
Version 3.1.0 (mac)
Using Locale: en_AU
Fetched the SDK download mirror URL from the CGI.
AIR version 16.0
Flash Player version 16.0
Error #1009
Aborting Installation

3. Some license check box are hidden (eg Greek) and require scrolling

I believe all of these issue have been fixed in the unreleased installer branch and more (for
instance our number one error unable to create windows temporary directory). wouldn't it be
better to release the installer before releasing the new SDK, otherwise users may get a poor
user experience.

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