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From Dave Fisher <dave2w...@comcast.net>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Release Apache Flex 4.14.0
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2015 21:03:49 GMT
Hi -

Guys - please. If there is a legitimate question about a given file's provenance then please
do make that query in private or in public. Find the commit in the log, watch commit emails
and call for it at the time.

If there is a singular file here or there that is problematic then it is a judgement call,
but it should not automatically hold a release. This is particularly so if a prior release
contained that same artifact. The PMC shows it's diligence in how it treats these questions,
but it is only a blocker if there is a large IP issue. Think of the process like cups and
saucers. A little spill in the saucer is ok.

You guys have tuned up the RAT report? You know what's in and not? Again follow the commits

Sticklers like Justin should be watching the commits ML. That is the most appropriate time
to exercise IP due diligence. Release time is the worst time. Diligence should be done up


On Jan 24, 2015, at 12:07 AM, Justin Mclean wrote:

> HI,
>> Donation procedures were followed correctly.  Could some file have incorrect provenance?
> I think it a little more than some files. If a casual glance in 5 minutes can pick up
some issues it's quite likely there's more issues there.
> This is a formal request to have the PMC review those repos, I really can't see why that
the PMC  would not be willing to do that given it takes little effect, the Apache policy around
this and once done it will give more confidence in the IP provenance of those files. This
stuff is sort of important :-)
>> Folks have complained to me off-list that the tone and volume of emails that result
>> from these quests tend to discourage their participation
> There should be no need for off list communication, but if someone has a legitimate issue
they email the private list or me personally if they want.
> Justin

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