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From Gordon Smith <gsmit...@hotmail.com>
Subject RE: BlazeDS not compiling for clean copy of SDK source
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2014 22:07:28 GMT
> [Alex:] flex-falcon relies on flex-sdk being built first, so I thought that was fair precedence
OK, that's fair. But if I make flex-falcon build what it needs in flex-sdk, would you be willing
to make flex-sdk build what it needs in flex-blazeds?
- Gordon
> From: aharui@adobe.com
> To: dev@flex.apache.org
> Subject: Re: BlazeDS not compiling for clean copy of SDK source
> Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 07:14:30 +0000
> On 12/13/14, 1:45 PM, "Gordon Smith" <gsmithsf@hotmail.com> wrote:
> >> I get the following error on a clean copy of the SDK, when I do an
> >> 'ant release' ... But as soon as I did an 'ant' on 'flex-blazeds' and
> >> then tried again, the problem went away ...
> >> [javac] 
> >>/Users/erik/Documents/ApacheFlex/git/flexblazeds/modules/common/src/flex/
> >>messaging/config/ApacheXPathClientConfigurationParser.java:19:
> >> error: package org.apache.xpath does not exist
> >
> >I had the same problem.
> > 
> >I don't think it should be a requirement to manually build flex-blazeds
> >before building flex-sdk. If the SDK needs something in BlazeDS, BlazeDS
> >should have an ant target that automatically builds that thing without
> >error, and the ant script for flex-sdk should call that target. The
> >README should explain that you must have source for both repos and that
> >you have asset BLAZEDS_HOME to point to flex-blazeds in addition to
> >setting FLEX_HOME to point to flex-sdk. (Bummer that this isn't called
> >SDK_HOME, or that both aren't FLEX_SDK_HOME and FLEX_BLAZEDS_HOME.)
> > 
> >The way that the build.xml for flex-sdk finds the flex-blazeds repo looks
> >inconsistent. I see references to ${BLAZEDS_HOME}, but I don't have this
> >set and the script didn't seem to complain. I also see references to
> >${FLEX_HOME}/../flex-blazeds and to ${FLEX_HOME}/../blazeds. All
> >references should go through BLAZEDS_HOME and an early check should fail
> >if this isn't set.
> We can make changes, but IMO, flex-falcon relies on flex-sdk being built
> first, so I thought that was fair precedence.  For both the BlazeDS and
> TLF dependencies, the flex-sdk script checks to see if you have the repos
> in a few expected places so you don’t have to set up environment
> variables.  We’ve been doing this for TLF for some time now.
> > 
> >Is the dependency on BlazeDS something that got added recently? What does
> >the SDK need from BlazeDS?
> Yes, the BlazeDS dependency was added a few days ago.  Before then, the
> SDK downloaded flex-messaging-common.jar from Adobe BlazeDS.  We have now
> reduced our Adobe proprietary dependencies to just the optional fontswf
> jars.  OSMF is under MPL, and AIR and Flash are considered build tools.
> The flex-messaging-common.jar is only needed when specifying a
> services-config in the MXMLC command line.  No idea if this is supported
> in Falcon.  FlexJS currently doesn’t leverage it.
> -Alex
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