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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Let's talk about Flex 5
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2014 23:51:06 GMT

On 12/9/14, 2:56 PM, "Jesse Nicholson" <ascensionsystems@gmail.com> wrote:

>Okay so,
>"you may have missed folks who occasionally ask if, for example Flash
>Player version N is going to stop running their existing Flex apps.  These
>folks can have significant investments in large code bases and it would be
>very stressful and expensive from them to have to rush to get off of Flash
>for some other HTML/JS solution."
>Right, Adobe's customers are watching and we don't want to upset them.

Whether they continue to buy from Adobe or not, no sense making statements
that aren’t completely true and make folks worry more than they need to.

>2 points here. So Adobe isn't investing to make the platform that this
>framework relies on to compete with modern development, which is moving to
>web-framework for everything. But, it's not "dead". So, it's maintaining.

OK, from the perspective of a web-apps platform, it could be fair to say
that Flash is in “maintenance”.  And that means it is fine to continue use
it.  The new features for web-apps should come from the Flex community,
and less so the runtime.  But for sure, the Flash Player team continues to
make improvements in each release though, just not focused on web-apps.

>Hmm, well. This effort is dead. Oh oops, sorry, it's very much alive, if
>alive you mean maintaining the software to keep adobe's clients happy.
>care guys.

I think it is pretty clear that Flex is not in maintenance mode.  And
positive attitudes will enable us to get more done.


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