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From Harbs <harbs.li...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Localization Proposal (was re: International English)
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2014 06:03:26 GMT
I pretty much agree with these suggestions.

#7 is of less importance than #8

#4 is probably more important than #5, but both seem like a lot of effort. I guess we’d
need volunteers who are familiar in the respective languages to lead the translation and maintain
the specific areas. If we have volunteers, translating docs and the website is a positive
thing to do.


On Nov 24, 2014, at 11:51 PM, Alex Harui <aharui@adobe.com> wrote:

> The board member who has been trying to follow the project recommends we
> put the issue of US vs Int’l English to a vote.  Apparently, the HTTP
> project did so in the past (and decided on US English).  So this is now a
> discuss thread leading to a vote.
> Personally, I don’t want to just choose one over the other, so I am
> hopeful we can quickly arrive at a plan for localization that minimizes
> effort and satisfies the community.  First, I think we need to enumerate
> the places where we have text.  OTOH it is:
> 1) Release package documents:  README, RELEASE_NOTES, LICENSE, NOTICE,
> 2) API names (classes, properties, styles, etc)
> 3) ASDoc and JavaDoc comments (really, any comments that end up in user
> documentation)
> 4) Written user documentation
> 5) Website
> 6) Wiki
> 7) Error messages in the tools
> 8) Text in the SDKs and Applications we release that show up in some GUI
> The proposal is:
> 1) Release package documents will be written in US English but try to
> avoid words that have different spellings or meanings in Int’l English.
> Interested community members can post translated copies of READMEs and
> RELEASE_NOTES (but not the others like LICENSE and NOTICE) on our wiki.
> This is true for any language, not just Int’l English.  The wiki copies
> will have to start with a disclaimer that they might be out-of-date.  The
> first sentence under the title in README and RELEASE_NOTES will point to
> the wiki and also warn that copies there may be out-of-date.  Any
> translated copy that falls more than one release behind will be hidden.
> The reason for not bundling translated versions is to avoid bottlenecks in
> releasing if translators are not readily available
> 2) API Names will use US English spellings, especially since the W3C is
> already using “color”.
> 3) ASDoc and JavaDoc comments will use US English.  Interested community
> members are welcome to build translated copies of the generated docs.  We
> will not hide stale copies as I think the ASDoc is more obvious about
> which version it is for and folks will figure it out.  Proposals to reduce
> the overhead of tracking changes in order to update the translated copies
> are welcome after this proposal is approved.
> 4, 5) Any written user documentation and website materials will hopefully
> have translated copies in as many languages as possible.  If we can’t
> figure out how to auto-redirect based on browser locale, you will land on
> US English and the US English version and the main flex.a.o page and a few
> other popular pages will mention that there are other versions available.
> There is no “master” version.  The versions can all be improved upon
> without requiring synchronizing with other language versions.
> 6) The wiki pages can be in any language.  When modifying a page, use the
> language that is already there.  Interested wiki authors are welcome to
> provide translated copies of the wiki pages.
> 7, 8)  All of these strings should be in locales.
> The overall principle is that things in 1, 2 and 3 all end up in a release
> package.  Because the official Apache LICENSE uses US English, it will
> appear more consistent to have all of the other things in the package use
> US English.  But we should point folks to other translated versions if
> they exist.
> Feedback welcome!
> -Alex

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