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From Peter Ent <p...@adobe.com>
Subject [FlexJS] SVG and Charts
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2014 17:24:11 GMT

I had a discussion with Alex about the FlexJS chart package and how it makes use of SVG. For
a quick background, the FlexJS chart package makes use of the core.graphics package created
by Om which makes FlexJS charts much more easily cross-compiled from ActionScript to JavaScript.

At the moment, the chart package creates a complex display list structure where each value
to be plotted is a FlexJS component/element. In JavaScript, this comes down to a <div>
with an <svg> (+ graphic, e.g., rectangle) for each item to be rendered to display the
chart. Imagine you are plotting a lot of points (say 500). That would lead to 500 divs and
more svgs. While feasible, it takes time to render and bloats the DOM.

Om added some efficiencies by creating a GraphicsContainer (and single <svg>) and you
can draw directly into it (have <rect>, <path>, etc.). I modified the FlexJS chart
package to take advantage of this so that each item to be rendered makes use of the shared
GraphicsContainer as its background and adds the necessary <rect>, <path> or whatever
to draw the chart. Much more efficient.

Since then, I've been looking deeper into SVG and discovered some things I didn't know it
was capable of (although I'm not sure how compatible they are with IE). For example, you can
nest <svg> elements and even group them. This enables relative placement of the items.
For example, right now to draw anything, all of the coordinates are based on the (0,0) of
the shared GraphicsContainer. Meaning, each bar of a bar chart is placed relative to the underlying
chart base (<svg>). That might sound OK, which it did to me, but after chatting with
Alex, I can see that having more relative coordinates would allow for future things such as

Consider a bar chart with two series. Right now, all of the bars are drawn relative to the
<svg>. What if each series were its own <svg>, enabling each bar to be relative
to its series origin? This would allow each series to be manipulated independently. Further,
an SVG group could be used for all of the bars in the chart, giving them shared characteristics
(color) and that could be changed all at once by changing the group color.

Basically, using containers within SVG will make manipulating the charts easier in the future
and there are several ways to do. I am looking for any suggestions or thoughts folks might
have who are more familiar with SVG than I am.

Peter Ent
Adobe Systems

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