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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [POLL] Accept Radii8 Code Donation
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2014 15:21:11 GMT

On 8/18/14 12:05 AM, "Justin Mclean" <justin@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>> Yes, Judah attempted to place his code under AL but it was his first
>> into Apache licensing and it wasn't complete.
>That that's OK, but we'll (+ incubator) will need more information to be
>able to review correctly when files are missing headers.
When Judah fixes the tag, a zip of the tag will be pulled and he and/or I
will prepare a zip for IP clearance.  Headers, LICENSE, NOTICE will be
added, but these changes do not need to be pushed back to his repo.  The
IP clearance zip will be made available to the incubator folks and it will
document the provenance of every file based on Apache policy.
>>  It seemed to me it would be faster to just donate a tag in his repo
>Which it looks like we are currently missing (the tag that is).
>> And again, I think we should be thankful for the effort he has put in
>>so far, and save the challenges for
>> IP clearance on the incubator list.
>The code looks good, and I do thank him for the effort he put into it.
>It's just a pity that a lot of this hasn't been done in public, it it had
>you would of had more people helping and IMO the process would of been
None of the Adobe donations were cleaned up in public prior to donation.
>Wouldn't it of been easier to try and sort out any issues like this on
>this list first? Even make a RC for people to look at, than would of
>built community involvement. I hate to see it be rejected by the
>incubator because it's been rushed through and not enough eyes have
>looked at it.
I think we got the grant faster this way.  I agree that there was some
good general principles about donations in my discussions with Judah, but
he did a good job of summarizing them in his last post on this thread.
I'm just not sure that 800 folks needed to read the details or cared to
read the details of these discussions, and if they started adding their
own questions, there's a chance that it could have become too much work.

If there are folks in the community who want to become more involved in
screening future donations, let me know and we'll see if we can get you
involved in the next donation.

I think it is good enough shape that the incubator will not reject every
file, and what is left will be a solid contribution.


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