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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: issue w/embedded text asset and incremental compiles
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2014 06:39:50 GMT
Incremental compilation is unfortunately known to be buggy.  I suppose you
could file a bug with a reproducible test case, but I'm not sure if we'll
be able to reproduce it or are willing to take the risk to fix it.
Hopefully in the future, the Falcon compiler will just be faster and avoid
trying to cache compilation units.


On 8/1/14 6:36 AM, "Scott Talsma" <scott@talsma.tv> wrote:

>Hello all,
>I just spent too much time tracking down a RTE to having incremental
>compiles turned on. Basically, it was very hit and miss; it always would
>compile fine; run when running the installed product is would sometimes
>sometimes simply fail, throwing a Error #1065, before it even ran the
>constructor on the related class.
>Basically, I have embedded SQL text into my my classes like this:
>    private static var FlightDataLoaderStatementText:Class;
>    public static function get LOAD_FLIGHTS_SQL():String {
>        return new FlightDataLoaderStatementText();
>    }
>The first time I compile, there are no run-time issues. After I compile
>2nd time, I start getting errors on one of the various classes that use
>this strategy.
>I originally was having issues in SDK 4.12 (before I understood that issue
>was compiler-related), so I upgraded to 4.13 see if that fixed it (which
>did, for 1 compile cycle).
>The RTE occurs in a module (for what its worth), and the entire build is
>driven by ANT.  Strangely enough, when I use IntelliJ for my dev build,
>error never occurs.
>Looks like Tom Chiverton experienced the (same ?) issue back in March (
>When I compile w/a link-report, the only working version includes
>references to my embedded assets:
>    <script name="Constants_DoublesIndexCreateSQLText.as"
>mod="1405113179000" size="387" optimizedsize="213">
>      <def id="Constants_DoublesIndexCreateSQLText" />
>      <pre id="mx.core:ByteArrayAsset" />
>      <dep id="AS3" />
>    </script>
>Is that what is expected?  Or would the embedded asset not be listed b/c
>is already in the swf from the previous compile?

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