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From Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com>
Subject Re: The Flex PMC is broken
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2014 23:36:34 GMT

Obviously there a few things I can't say here re what has gone on on the private list.

> Your actions seem to indicate otherwise.
Quite the opposite - please see the number and diversity of committers that I have put forward
to vote on. Several of which have become productive members of the Apache Team. Good work

> Declaring the PMC broken and it needs to be fixed doesn’t leave room for an opinion
that it’s not broken to start with.
If that your opinion you are free to state it, IMO discussions of the private list seem to
indicate otherwise.

> I’m not going into the details of a private discussion here
This is not an isolated incident and that the call to vote has been vetoed 3 times. Issues
about the PMC have also come up on the list before. Please check the mail archives.

>  no one stated that specific types of contributions do not count.
Yes they actually have.

> Openness has more than one meaning. While openness does mean visible, it also means freedom.
If doing something “by the book” is too restrictive for a specific task, I think it’s
ridiculous to say “my way or the highway”.
There are many favours of open source, if Apache doesn't fit your style, you can always put
something up on github under a different OS license or similar.

> Instead of saying “if possible everything should be done in the open”, a more reasonable
approach is “as much as practical should be done in the open”.
The second of which IMO hasn't been done.

> Sometimes doing things privately for a period of time is the best way to actually get
it done,
It may look that way but it the long run it's more effort, which of these would be easier:
- Work on software in Apache, adding a files and fixes as required
- Work in private, then have to go though a software grant and IP clearance process

If you not a committer then the first may seem daunting, but it should be relatively easy
for a motivated person to become a committer in a short amount of time and it's less work
and pain than the second option.

Of course quite often stuff is done in private and then comes to Apache via a software grant
and that fine - as long as the PMC is involved in that process.

> I know I’ve hesitated to speak up because you’ve had very strong opinions and I’m
not interested in making waves.
There no need to make waves, discussion around these issue can be constructive or even insightful.
Alternative viewpoints are welcome.

> I was not privy to the discussions prior to the member resigning
You are if you look at the email archives.

Thanks for your input,
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