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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject [VOTE] Apache Flex SDK 4.13.0 RC3
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2014 08:06:13 GMT

This is a  Apache Flex 4.13.0 release candidate 3. Please see the

There is a known bug in Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 and 4.7 that causes a
issue when creating new applications.
Adobe has provided a work around for FB 4.7 but not for 4.6.

The release candidate can be found here;

The binary distributions as a convenience for the respective platforms,
available here:

The most convenient way to use the binary package is to install it via Ant
or the Installer. To use an Installer you must use InstallApacheFlex
version 3.1 or later which is still in release candidate status at this
time. You can get InstallApacheFlex 3.1 here:

Before voting please review the section,"What are the ASF requirements on
approving a release?", at:

At a minimum you would be expected to check that:
- MD5 and signed packages are correct
- README, RELEASE_NOTES, NOTICE and LICENSE files are all fine
- That you can compile from source package
- That the SDK can be used in your IDE of choice
- That the SDK can be used to make a mobile, desktop and browser

When testing please check the md5 and asc files and make sure that the
source can be compiled.

Please vote to approve this release:
+1 Approve the release
-1 Veto the release (please provide specific comments to why)

This vote will be open for 72 hours or until a result can be called.

The vote passes if there is:
- At least 3 +1 votes from the PMC
- More positive votes than negative votes

If you find an issue with the release that's a "show stopper" please don't
hold off voting -1. If someone votes -1 please continue testing we want to
try and catch as many issues as we can and cut down on the number of
release candidates. Remember existing voters can change their vote during
the voting process.

People who are not in PMC are also encouraged to test out the release and
vote, although their votes will not be binding, they can influence how the
PMC votes.

When voting please indicate what OS, IDE, Flash Player version and AIR
version you tested the SDK with.

Please put all discussion about this release in the DISCUSSION thread not
this VOTE thread.

For your convenience, I have added an Ant script to the RC folder. This ant
script automates the checks a voter should perform on the RC.
It will:
  - download the default source package for your OS (use -Dpackage.suffix
to override)
  - run md5 and gpg checks (this assumes you have gpg installed in your
  - uncompress the source package
  - install and run rat
  - display the rat report and ask you to verify
  - display the rat report without the AL files and ask you to verify the
non-AL files
  - display the README and ask you to verify
  - display the RELEASE_NOTES and ask you to verify
  - display the NOTICE and ask you to verify

  - display the LICENSE and ask you to verify
  - run the build and any tests run by the build.

You should be able to go away for a while during the build.  When it is
finished, it will display information to be copied into the vote thread.
You are not required to use this script, and more testing of the packages
and build results are always encouraged.

To use this script (assuming you have Ant installed), it should be as
simple as:
- Create an empty folder
- Download ApproveSDK.xml into that folder from:
- Run: ant -e -f ApproveSDK.xml -Drelease.version=4.13.0 -Drc=3


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