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From Christofer Dutz <christofer.d...@c-ware.de>
Subject Just comitted major Flexmojos changes in 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT
Date Thu, 26 Jun 2014 06:03:36 GMT

I just wanted to inform you, that I just committed my changes to Flexmojos 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT.
This version reflects changed I did to the Mavenizer that are currently still in the "mavenizer-refactoring"
branch of the flex-utils repository.
I still want to update the Mavenizer in one thing before initiating a release of that.

What's changed in the FDKs:

-          Complete separation of com.adobe and org.apache artifact. So you have to explicitly
add a "playerglobal" or "airglobal" artifact because the FDK no longer has a direct reference
to that

-          Removed the pure "depencyManagement" artifacts and included that information within
the pom-artifacts themselves

-          Created some dummy apache artifacts org.apache.flex.runtime:flashplayer:{flash-version}
which will be used by the upcoming changes to automatically download, mavenizer and use playerglobal

-          Just noticed that I seemed to be missing the org.apache.flex.runtime:air:{air-version}
dummy ... will add that with my last planned change to the Mavenizer

Here's what's changed in Flexmojos:

-          Default FDK is now 4.12.1

-          Adjusted Flexmojos to work with the changed Mavenizer

-          Removed a lot of legacy stuff that does not apply to Apache Flex

-          Changes to the Granite Generators:

o   Added a new option "generateEnumToTransientStorage" to generate Enum classes to target/generated-sources

o   Added a new option "generateInterfaceToTransientStorage" to generate interfaces to target/generated-sources

o   Added a new Granite 2.3.2 Generator and made that default

-          Removed the option: "iKnowWhatImDoingPleaseBreakMyBuildIwontBlameFlexmojosForStopWorking"
from the flexmojos-maven-plugin

-          Updated the swfVersion information up to player version 14.0

-          Did some changes to the test compiler to give better errors when compiling Air

-          Removed any still existing reference to old Adobe FDKs

-          Renamed "player.version" to "flash.version"

Hope I didn't miss out anything and that you can easily work with the changed FDKs. It would
be great if you could experiment a little with this.
I won't be able to push a new SNAPSHOT version of Flexmojos out the door today, but hopefully
tomorrow. Till then you would need to compile Flexmojos yourself.


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