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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Discuss Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.1 - RC3
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2014 06:26:55 GMT
Boy, I wish they'd just call it 14.1.

Here's the score card, for those interested.   First, here is the current
entry in sdk-installer-config-4.0.xml:
    <versionP id="air.sdk.version.windows.14.0b" version="14.0"
displayVersion=" Beta">
					<file id="air.sdk.file.windows.14.0b">air14_sdk_sa_win.zip</file>

-For SDK 4.11 and earlier, this should be ok.  The installer code converts
the XML into a data structure, and will download from the correct path +

-For SDK 4.12.0 and 4.12.1, when using the installer, it should also be
ok.  The installer passes the version, path and file from the data
structure into the Ant script.
-For anyone using Ant for 4.12.0 and 4.12.1 on Mac and Win (does anybody
actually do this?) there is no way to just set -Dair.version=XXX and get
the 14 beta to "do the right thing".  You can specify -Dair.version=14.0b
and get the right download, but 14.0b will be written into the flex-config
and flex-description.  If you set -Dair.version=14.0, you just get the
older 14.0 downloads.  You can probably set four or five properties to get
it to work.
-Folks using Ant on Linux should be unaffected.
-For SDK 4.13.0, its caching does not use path + file and uses air.version
to pick up server + folder and then uses the passed in file.

I tried changing the config-4.0.xml by setting the version to 14.0b.  Then
the version passed from the installer to ant_on_air is 14.0b and the ant
scripts can properly look up the server + folder, but then 14.0b gets
written to flex-sdk-description and flex-config.

Further, I'm pretty sure in that case, it will be 14.0b will be written to
flex-sdk-description and flex-config for SDK 4.12.0 and 4.12.1.

So, my current conclusion is that we have to leave the version in the
config-4.0.xml as 14.0 so we don't break the scripts for SDK 4.12.0 and

We could change the installer to pass in server + folder.  But that would
leave ant users without a simple solution.  But are there any?

We could add another attribute to the config-4.0.xml like
versionId="14.0b" and have the installer pass that in as well.  Ant users
would then specify -Dair.versionID=14.0b" and the script would handle it

We could switch to a config-4.1.xml and use 14.0b and strip the "b"
although string processing in Ant is painful.

We could simply not allow folks to use betas of an already released FP.

Basically, air.version is used both to select server+folder from the
config.xml and be the string that goes into flex-sdk-description and
flex-config.  For backward compatibility, we have to leave the string as
14.0 or change to a new config-4.1.xml.  And if we change to
config-4.1.xml, it might be easier to add another attribute instead of
string processing.


On 6/28/14 7:10 PM, "Justin Mclean" <justin@classsoftware.com> wrote:

>>  I switched the beta version to 14.0b and that
>> got the url lookup and cache to work for me, but then we get messed up
>> the end of the install script trying to stick 14.0b into the
>> flex-sdk-description and/or flex-config.
>Remove alpha's from version numbers before substituting?
>Re the flex sdk description I'm not sure it matters (but having "beta"
>would be nice but not essential) but other flex config files it's an

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