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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: HTTPService Example
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2014 22:33:26 GMT
This is very strange.  My copy of HTTPService.js does not have a value
argument, and I don't see that it ever had one in source control.

Can you verify what version of FlexJS you are using and how you are doing
the cross-compile?  Maybe you are using and old launch config or something
that is pointing to an errant copy of HTTPService?


On 6/5/14 10:28 AM, "pesgaio" <pesgaio@logiberica.com> wrote:

>After debugging the JS code, found on the HTTPService.js class something
>that I think is not ok.
>The function org.apache.flex.net.HTTPService.prototype.send =
>function(value) expects an argument, but that is not send, and the value
>the var "value" defaults to null.
>Around line 320 there's the following code:
>  if (value !== '')
>  {
>	contentData = value;
>  }
>I think the problem is here, as null is always not equivalent to ''
>therefore contentData is set to null and send to the server as an empty
>Changed the class by commenting these piece of code, and I got the posted
>data on the server side. Problem solved!
>(I really needed this to start implementing AMF in JS)
>Hope this helps in some way.
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