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From Logibérica - Paulo Esgaio <pesg...@logiberica.com>
Subject RE: [FLEXJS] Creatina new TextButton in RunTime
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 08:53:27 GMT
Peter and Alex,

Thank you for your help, and for the quick answer.
Working perfectly now.

var my_btn:TextButton = new TextButton();
my_btn.width = 100;
my_btn.height = 50;
my_btn.text = "Run Time Btn"
my_btn.className = "btnClass";

my_btn implements org.apache.flex.html.TextButton.

Best Regards,
Paulo Esgaio	 

-----Mensagem original-----
De: Peter Ent [mailto:pent@adobe.com] 
Enviada: 27 de maio de 2014 17:12
Para: dev@flex.apache.org
Cc: Logibérica - Jaime Martin; Logibérica - Marco Peixoto
Assunto: Re: [FLEXJS] Creating new TextButton in RunTime

Take a look at Application in the org.apache.flex.creatjs project. There's a note about bringing
in the createJS package.

Peter Ent
Adobe Systems

On 5/27/14 11:48 AM, "Logibérica - Paulo Esgaio" <pesgaio@logiberica.com>

>Dear (ex?)Flexers,
>I'm having a problem while compiling a simple app that uses antipatterns.
>Here's a partial sample:
>import org.apache.flex.createjs.TextButton;
>private var obj:TextButton = new TextButton();
>Error when compiling with FlexJS (FalconJX Release ) When I try to 
>compile into JS the following error occurs:
>\bin\js-debug\org\apache\flex\createjs\core\UIBase.js:53: ERROR - 
>variable createjs is undeclared
>  this.element = new createjs.Container();
>Removing both the lines it Works like a charm. Any ideas, anyone?
>Paulo Esgaio

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