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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: How can I help get an updated Tour De Flex out?
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 17:15:42 GMT

I don't think anybody is actively working on it, but you are welcome to
jump in.  Often, when you start on something, it inspires other to join in.

The code is in the flex-utilities repo.  We use git for version control.

There are several projects in flex-utilities.  You will find a TourDeFlex
folder at the top level.  Inside that is TourDeFlex3, TourDeFlex, and

TourDeFlex3 is the Flex 3 version, TourDeFlex is the Flex 4 version.
TourDeFlex_content.com is content referenced by TourDeFlex.

Some content and videos and image assets will be missing because they were
copyright to third-parties and couldn't be donated.  I don't even expect
the build to run because of that.

I think the look and feel needs to be re-branded so it doesn't look like
the Adobe version.  Any references to Adobe probably need to be removed,
and a new icon for TourDeFlex needs to be designed.

For now, you will need to offer changes via JIRA issues, but being an
active contributor is a great way to earn committer status and be able to
just check in changes directly.  That's the "Apache Way".

Feel free to ask questions on this mailing list.  I would suggest
prefixing subjects with [TDF] so folks can filter this topic out or in if
they want.  I'll do my best to answer questions and get you unblocked.

Thanks for offering to help!


On 4/30/14 9:43 AM, "Lionel Andre Pierre" <lionel@pierresolutions.com>

>Adobe recently donated the Tour De Flex code to Apache. I think Tour De
>is a great way to provide active documentation to Flex users. An updated
>application showing all the improvements made with each release of Flex
>components, features, etc . ) would be great in my opinion.
>Is anyone already working on this and how can I help?
>Lionel W. A. Pierre

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