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From Alexander Doroshko <alexander.doros...@jetbrains.com>
Subject Re: [FDB] Integration
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 15:24:58 GMT
On 30.04.2014 19:20, Frédéric THOMAS wrote:
>> You are right, suspending all running workers that contain the file,
>> setting breakpoint there (and probably resuming?) seems to be the best.
> Sure resuming it if I halted it.
>> Unfortunately some workers may fail to suspend if they are doing
>> nothing. In the latter case breakpoint could be remembered and set when
>> worker gets anything to do.
> If you have an example of that behavior, give it to me please as I guess in that case,
I can still set the BP, etc.. without the need to halt it or to be more precise after it failed
to halt.
BackWorker in the example we played with can't be halted unless you 
select a file for it in the main thread. You reproduced it yourself 
yesterday when you wrote following:
> Bug 2: Can't halt the player execution, it tells me to click a button, 
> what I do but failed to halt it

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