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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Next Donation from Adobe
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2014 15:42:11 GMT
Hi folks,

Adobe legal and business folks have approved the donation of several
Flex-related items to Apache.  The donation paperwork is on its way to get
VP signature (yes there could be some delay or reversal there, but I don't
expect any), but I'm bringing this up now because we should start thinking
about how to handle the contents of the donation.

In the donation is:

1. Several Flex articles from the ADC web-site.
2. An updated version of the FDB debugger that contains support for
ActionScript Workers
3. The FlexPMD source code
4. The Mobile Trader demo application
5. The specification for the MXML language
6. An XML merging utility source code from the Flex QA team.
7. The Squiggly spell-checker source code
8. The Tour De Flex application source code
9. The source code for a prototype of a code coverage utility that I wrote.

Links to the original Adobe content is at the end of this email.  When you
go to the Adobe links you see a complete web article, but when donated,
several things will be missing and several things will need adjusting
before hosting the content at Apache.

A) None of the videos in the VideoTraining article are being donated
because the videos are heavily branded by Adobe "watermarks".  Adobe says
our version of the article can link to the Adobe videos, but Apache does
not want us to host Adobe videos on Apache servers.  At some point in
time, I will try to get these videos posted on YouTube so we don't have to
worry about them being taken off of Adobe servers someday.  Adobe Legal
has ok'd posting the videos on YouTube, but I need to get some other
approvals before doing it.  We also need to get approval from Apache to
link to the Adobe-hosted videos in the interim.  We have approval to link
to them when posted on YouTube.

B) All of the devnet articles load Adobe CSS files.  Our version of these
articles should not look exactly like the Adobe colors so we need to
create our own CSS file and adjust the articles to load those CSS files
instead.  I am not the right person to do this work, so a volunteer is

C) The Adobe icon and all head shots of authors are not being donated.
The Apache version of these articles should not link to the head shots on
the Adobe servers.

D) The articles have sidebars and footers that point to lots of other
Adobe content.  Those sidebars and footers should be removed/replaced.

E) Not all of the Tour De Flex content is being donated.  Both TDF3 and
TDF4 source code is in the donation, but articles written by non-Adobe
authors are not in the donation.  TDF will need to be adjusted to not
reference the missing articles.  The non-Adobe authors need to be
contacted to donate their article to Apache.

F) Other videos and images used in examples are missing from TDF and
devnet articles if they were of real people or third-party brands.  We
will need to generate replacements, or adjust the articles to work without
the missing videos and images.  We will have to be careful as the articles
may still point to the Adobe-hosted videos and images.

G) Some articles point to zip files.  In the donation, the zip files are
expanded and the actual zip file is missing because we should be checking
source and not zips into our repos.  Build scripts will be needed to
create zips that go with the production articles.

And then we need to decide where to still all of this source.  I guess
flex-utilities for most of it. I would probably create a branch of
flex-sdk for the FDB code.  The XML Merge code will go in the BlazeDS repo
with the rest of BlazeDS.  Where should be put all of the devnet html
files until they are ready?


Here are links to the ADC articles:















FlexPMD is currently on Open@Adobe here:


The Mobile Trader demo application is described here:

And here: http://coenraets.org/blog/2011/03/flex-on-the-ipad/

The XML merge utility is a small set of files that should have been in the
BlazeDS donation

Squiggly is described here:


Tour De Flex is described here:


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