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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: Top 5 highest demands on Flex
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2014 05:25:02 GMT

On 3/13/14 9:04 PM, "DarkStone" <DarkStone@163.com> wrote:

>Hi Justin,
>Sorry, I think I'm misled by the official webpage of the Apache Flex
>Team, which indicates Alex is one of our mentors:
It says I'm the PMC Chair.  A Mentor is something else.  And as PMC Chair
I do not have authority over the other PMC Members and committers, I just
have extra work to do.

>And I don't think Alex would disagree with anything you said too, I just
>wanna know if there is any chance that Adobe could bring the Flash
>Builder's Design View back to life : )
I do not expect Adobe would bring back Design View and there is no
official statement either way. But that doesn't mean that Apache Flex
couldn't create its own Design View or some other thing could be created.
Think of it this way: what is it about Design View that are truly the
requirements?  That it is an Eclipse plug-in?  What are the most important
things Design View accomplishes?  Is it dragging your UI widgets from a
toolbar or tweaking it afterwards?  What if there was a way to tweak most
of your UI while the app is actually running live?  Would that be even
Would you give up on it being an Eclipse plug-in if you could do that?

Also note that, AFAIK, we have not broken the Flash Builder 4.6 Design
View.  I believe Apache Flex releases still work in Flash Builder 4.6
although they are not officially supported.  You can have both Flash
Builder 4.6 and 4.7 installed on a single machine.  I think there may be
some issues with project properties and 4.6 has issues publishing the HTML
wrapper.  But I think some folks said you can still use 4.6 Design View.


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