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From Alexander Doroshko <alexander.doros...@jetbrains.com>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Discuss Release Apache Flex SDK Installer 3.0 - RC4
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2014 08:39:28 GMT

> Quick testing revealed only one strange thing: osmf.swc file in [Flex
> SDK]/frameworks/libs that was named in lowercase for ages is now called
> in uppercase: OSMF.swc. Is is something controlled by Apache and is this
> an intended change?
> Not intended.  We can change it.  What breaks if it doesn't get changed?
IntelliJ IDEA has some hardcoded knowledge about SWC names. It always 
includes unknown SWCs in the build path, so uppercased OSMF.swc now 
becomes available in pure ActionScript projects what is not ideal. I can 
fix it for sure, though common style in all SWC names is just nice to 
have. May be Linux users will have some issues as file system is case 
sensitive there.
>> Also I have some comments regarding Apache Flex SDK usability. These are
>> not blocking issues, just a subjective feedback of a 'real user'.
>> 1. It is hard to guess how to enable Dev Builds. I wanted to play with
>> 4.12 yesterday but failed to find the option. I just thought that I
>> downloaded some wrong installer that is able to install official
>> releases only. It took me a day to find a hint about context menu
>> somewhere in this mailing list. In my opinion all options available in
>> context popup should be better discoverable. For example there could be
>> a link 'Advanced options' in the bottom-left corner (line where where
>> 'Next' button is located).
> In theory, only followers of the dev list should know how view the dev
> builds, so making a button on the main screen doesn't seem right.
I'm not going to argue, though stay with my opinion: easily discoverable 
option will increase the number of testers before the release. I don't 
think 'Advanced options' link pollutes UI much. It takes less space than 
3 'select' words that can be safely removed :)
>> 2. I expect to see check marks on the popup menu showing current status
>> of 'Show Dev Builds' and 'Enable Verbose Logging' options. At the moment
>> there is no way to disable 'Show Dev Builds' (though check mark on the
>> popup menu is not shown) and also no way to find out if verbose logging
>> is enabled or not.
>> 3. 'Configure Download Cache' option should have '...' at the end as it
>> opens a dialog.
> Everything on the right click menu is for developers so I didn't spend a
> lot of time making look great and the strings are not localizable.  I'm
> not sure it is worth the effort.  What do other folks think?
I'm idealist here.
>> 4. Popup with these options remains available even after pressing 'Next'
>> button, when it is not actual any more.
> Sounds like a bug.
>> 5. Cosmetics: 'Select' word is repeated 4 times, though it is not needed
>> for understandability. I think is is enough to have it in the header:
>> 'Select AIR and Flash Player version'. (By the say why not 'Select Flex,
>> AIR and Flash Player versions'?) Labels for combos can be more concise
>> and with colons at the end
>> Flex version:
>> AIR version:
>> Flash Player version:
> Could be.  What do others think?
>> 6. One more minor: it is hard to find out the Installer version. It is
>> shown by Windows uninstall manager and in installations logs: 3.0.0, no
>> hint whether it is RC2 or RC3 or just any revision info. May be header
>> should show installer version in addition to dynamically changing Flex
>> SDK version. May be header should show only installer version as Flex
>> version is shown in enormous size in the center of the dialog. Third
>> option is 'About' link somewhere: either on the dialog itself or in the
>> context menu.
> Adding an about popup requires the proper design of the dialog and
> localization of any strings.  Do folks want to take that on?  Should we
> delay releasing the installer until then?
I don't think this worth delaying, just 'nice to have' somewhen. 
Somewhen you'll have to ask user what installer version he has and as of 
now will have to explain where to see it.

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